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  1. OldDirtDust

    Get full control of OBS remotely (Add and remove Items on Screen remotely)

    Hi everyone! I Just started to learn how to create different things for OBS, so I was thinking if it's possible to use something to control items position and size in real time remotely. Are there any resources, like with obs-websocket, that allow me to program something like that? Like a visual...
  2. B

    Question / Help OBS crashes during stream

    Hello, My OBS Studio will crash randomly while streaming; to which it is very frustrating. It simply closes with no messages or errors to my knowledge. It is my encoding PC for a two PC NDI set up. Build is a new Ryzen 3700X, I've included a DxDiag for the whole details there. I've tried messing...
  3. N

    Question / Help Two PC Setup with Elgato HD 60

    To whom it may concern, Thanks to anyone that provides help with this in advance, but I have a two PC setup. The gaming PC is feeding content into the streaming PC via an Elgato HD 60. The Streaming PC is equipped with Z-390 and an I5-9600K. When recording along I am getting 100% CPU usage...
  4. R

    Question / Help What should i do?

    My name is Raylock, I am an aspiring gamer looking into streaming. I posted this same blog a few mins ago and it was removed for some reason(if it was one of the mods,please send a notification/msg of why it was removed and i will stop posting this again also guide me where can i find...
  5. Zimmyantz

    Question / Help Is this caused by no gpu?

    Hi OBS experts, I hope you can help! Got a two pc streaming setup: Gaming PC: i7 6700K, 970(SLI), 16GB Ram Streaming PC: i5 3570K, 16GB Ram, Elgato HD60 Pro Capture Card OBS Settings on streaming pc: x264, 6000bit rate (log below) Certain games, mainly Black Ops 4, stutter a bit when playing...