1. B

    Looking for recommendations for IP Camera Streaming

    Hi everyone, Newbie here and a noob at OBS Studio as well. :( I am seeking for some recommendations to fix a couple of problems that we have while streaming with OBS. Firstly, we use IP Cameras (not sure which build) that are wide-angled because the ceiling is not so high. So the video always...
  2. G

    CS:GO 4:3 Black Bar on Right Side of Screen

    My native resolution is 2560x1440 and I play 4:3 1920x1440. On streamlabs OBS, all I have to do is transform csgo to stetch to screen, but on regular OBS, this does not work. It is very annoying have a black bar on the right side of my screen every time. Does anybody know a fix? My output on OBS...
  3. T


    This is the best idea ever! Stretch to screen automatically when detected! Using any kind of video/screen capturing (game/display/window capture etc..) For example: Using game capture: - Add feature that scans/detects resolution change in the current fullscreen game. - If the change is...
  4. C

    Question / Help [HEARTHSTONE]

    Hi guys, I really need help! My hearthstone at the stream output is "fatter" than usual, I compared it to the "Asmodai" streamer and it is clear that his screen is thinner in transmission and less polluted, I'll leave a comparison for you to see and try help me please! I uploaded on imgur...
  5. D

    Question / Help obs stretches gameplay screen then reverts to 4:3 aspect when tabbing in The problem occurs at 0:08 OBS stretches the screen and then reverts when tabbing in. How can i fix this?
  6. I

    Question / Help Stretched Resolution

    So I'm pretty new to OBS and I'm trying to record Fortnite with a stretched resolution (1444x1080). Everything is fine if I'm watching the video back, but thats only if my desktop resolution is on 1444x1080. If I change it back to 1920x1080 while watching the video there are black bars. So if I...
  7. drainings

    Question / Help Stretched resolution won't fit screen

    I play on a 1280x1024 custom resolution on GeForce, I stretched to screen, like most of the threads ask you to do, but when I start streaming, in my dashboard its just a box with black bars. I don't know how to fix this and really want to know. To clarify, my stretched in OBS is fine, its just...
  8. S

    Question / Help Output Resolution Stretched

    Hey all, so I’m trying to stream/record and my recording/stream comes out stretched. I’m using a 1920x1080 moniter, and have it set along with output settings. Even with trying out different output resolutions, and different captures, nothing changes. Any ideas on how to solve it? I was told...
  9. T

    Question / Help OBS keeps stretching out image on openemu ps1/tg16 emulator?

    so i have openemu running through game capture on obs and it's fine for most emulators. but when i try the playstation or turbografx (those are the only 2 i've noticed it on at least), it stretches the image out and i can't figure out how to get it back to a 4:3 image. it will reshape itself in...
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    Question / Help Black bars on stream

    So I play Fortnite stretched, 1154x1080 and trying to stream with that using OBS. I get black bars when streaming. I've tried so many things, watched so many videos and nothing works. I need help ASAP!!!!