Question / Help OBS keeps stretching out image on openemu ps1/tg16 emulator?


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so i have openemu running through game capture on obs and it's fine for most emulators. but when i try the playstation or turbografx (those are the only 2 i've noticed it on at least), it stretches the image out and i can't figure out how to get it back to a 4:3 image. it will reshape itself in real time. it will stretch out. then sometimes go to a 4:3 image for a minute in the intro of the game. then right back to the stretched image when gameplay starts. this may be on here and i'm just not sure exactly what to search for. it isn't really a resizing issue because the proportions are changing. if i resize it, it maintains the stretched proportions. i have no idea what to even look at. because if i change over to a snes or genesis game, it will go back to 4:3 and be fine. i'm just lost on what is happening with those certain emulators. any ideas?

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.56.18 AM.png


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In Properties> Transform > Edit transform, do any of the bounding box type settings help? Specifically, stretch to bounds, with a size specified in 4:3 proportions?