Question / Help [HEARTHSTONE]


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Hi guys, I really need help! My hearthstone at the stream output is "fatter" than usual, I compared it to the "Asmodai" streamer and it is clear that his screen is thinner in transmission and less polluted, I'll leave a comparison for you to see and try help me please!

I uploaded on imgur because the images are too large , please help me!


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The top image is a lower resolution, upscaled. The bottom image is original resolution, not scaled. The top image is washed and blurred due to the rescaling, the bottom image is more clear and crisp. The bottom image might have more visible compression artefacts due to the higher resolution requiring more bandwidth and perhaps not getting it. On the other hand, what I call compression artefacts may be just more details - one can only judge by comparing to a screenshot of the original, not of a recording.