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  1. J


    Hi all, OBS 30.0.2 is crashing when "Start Recording" is pressed - Virtual Cam and preview works fine. I have posted about this previously and have now attached an updated log. All help is really appreciated as I'm using OBS for a large project next week and need to see if this can resolved...
  2. J

    What's causing this OBS crash?

    Hi everyone, I'm experiencing an intermittent issue where OBS will crash after "Start recording" is pressed. After re-launching several times the issue seems to self resolve. I have attached a log - I'm uncertain if it's the log with the crash. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  3. R

    How to stop and start recording automatically with multiple instances of OBS(5/4 OBS Studio)

    Hello, I want to ask on how to stop and start recording automatically for multiple instances of OBS. I've researched that there is a way to stop recording automatically with task scheduler/script but there isn't a way to start recording for 5 instances of OBS. Is there any way that you guys...
  4. Z

    How to start OBS on startup in Windows 10 + Schedule Recording

    hey legends, I recently discovered OBS and this forum and as a newbie here - much respect to those that share their knowledge. If i can get some assistance on the below, i would be very grateful. I have a POS (point of sale) that uses window 10. Current Background/Info: I need to auto record...
  5. E

    OBS Crashes on Start Recording

    I've found a lot of different threads for this problem, but I figured I'd get a better solution posting my crash log. I'm running a low-end hp laptop, so I'm trying to get it to record anything at all as the bare minimum.
  6. Sunbro Kev

    OBS Crashes When I Hit Start Recording

    As the title says, the program crashes the second I hit start recording but remains technically open in the background until I go into the task manager and disable it. The most recent change I attempted was to switch from mp4 format to MKV. (I am trying to get rid of random audio stuttering when...