How to start OBS on startup in Windows 10 + Schedule Recording


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hey legends,

I recently discovered OBS and this forum and as a newbie here - much respect to those that share their knowledge.
If i can get some assistance on the below, i would be very grateful.

I have a POS (point of sale) that uses window 10.

Current Background/Info:
I need to auto record screen activity of the POS 5 days a week - approx 8hrs per day
I installed OBS and set it up and it's all working fantastic.
POS is used only as Point of sale
It not connected to the internet
I've also installed "advance scene switcher"
Dedicated 500gb external HD already set and connected to POS and OBS recording path is set
Not possible to use "Hot Keys" as there's no keyboard

How i can get OBS once I open POS (computer) to:

- schedule it to auto record from 4pm to midnight - Tuesday to Saturday
- start recording (without actually open OBS and press "record" )

I believe I may need to somehow set the Auto Recording within the OBS as well as use a task scheduler to auto open OBS in order for Auto Recording to start... Am I right? If there's a simpler way, please share.

>>> Please see a "Log File" <<< ( hopefully it helpful)



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Set up your scheduled task for the times you want. In "Actions" enter the path to the obs.exe or obs64.exe. In "Add arguments", add "--startrecording --minimize-to-tray", no quotes. In "Start in", add the path that the OBS executable file is located. This 'Start in" path is important, or OBS won't start.


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I'd like to bring this up again with 2 questions.

1. I followed these instructions, but it doesn't start. Do I have to set the test time in advance more than 5 min or 1 hr or 24 hrs?? How exactly do I test it? (I'm wanting to capture a webinar while I'm out).

2. If I'm out longer than the webinar time, how do I automatically get OBS to stop recording at a certain time? Is this set in task scheduler to abort after 2 hrs? And it won't mess up the recording file?