problem audio

  1. L

    Question / Help Audio not being recorded

    Hey guys, I desperately need some help. So, I've got this one problem that my game sound is not being recorded, even though Obs shows me that there is sound. I've been searching everywhere for a solution, but even after reading posts and forums about the exact same problem, nothing changed. My...
  2. J

    Question / Help Audio during recording is choppy/distorted

    Hi there, I'm trying to record a series of tutorials which require an audio and video recording. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing some really bad audio problems with OBS. I've tried recording using with no problem at all so I suspect there's a conflict or...
  3. X

    Question / Help Stream is crashed into short parts.

    Good afternoon. Faced a problem when recording a stream on Twitch. Stream in Twitch why the recorded without understanding sound, and stream on hard disk my computer has breath, but together stream duration 1 hour he crashed on what parts of. These parts are 3 minutes long and there is a lot of...
  4. R

    Question / Help Voice Sounds like a Deep Voice Changer... but i dont have one

    So i dont know how to explain this Problem buuut i try my best. So i started OBS and i recorded a Video of a Game but later when i watched it , i heard that my Voice sounds Deeper more like an Deep Voice Changer Effect but i dont have any Filter in OBS and no Voice Changer. Later i started...
  5. ricefieldworker69420

    Question / Help No Audio?

    downloaded iShowU, nothing shows up. Reinstalled, nothing still. I am currently using a school laptop has that got something to do with this? also there is no option to enable desktop audio
  6. D

    Question / Help Problem with audio ouput

    Hi, I would like to set up OBS studio for streaming in such a way as to have game output and in-game chat in my headphones, then in-game microphone and streaming input and I would like to set my external speakers in such a way as to be able to play the music in the background. Now I wanted to...
  7. ArMeyk

    Question / Help I have a problem with may Video Card

    I bought an AUGUST VGB500 While i was using that, I saw the video but i don't recive the audio in my headset. Wath can i do?