out of sync

  1. sonicgalaxy27

    Game audio out of Sync in OBS while recording my gameplay on NS

    Hello everyone. I have solve some problems with the laggy stuff in the video file in OBS and it seems like its ok honestly. I just need to resize my windows screen by being the same size for the OBS screen. yeah. Now I have a small issue. Can anyone tell me how to fix a game audio that is out of...
  2. K

    Audio slightly out of sync

    Hi, when I screen record the audio is always slightly out of sync with the video. I've done it with multiple tabs open and none but the one I'm recording. It's just enough that something feels off. Any help would be appreciated. Here's the logfile for the last one I did...
  3. katelauramcgill

    Robo/out of sync voice every 2/3 minutes!

    Hi guys Forgive me for not knowing all the technical stuff you may need to help answer my question - I can provide more info if you need it! I've been streaming with the OBS app and GarageBand on my MacBook Pro (macOS Catalina) now for about a year. I have tech issues every now and then, but...
  4. T

    Audio out of sync at random

    I've recently begun having issues I never had before with audio going way out of sync, up to almost a full second. This seems to occur at random, because I have tried applying an offset to correct it, but what usually ends up happening is a future instance of OBS then has out-of-sync audio...
  5. R

    Bug Report OBS Youtube Livestream Audio Delay due to Superchats and Membership

    Hi there, I really have a weird one here. Whenever I start a Youtube Livestream using OBS it works with the audio 100% in sync, however, whenever a Superchat or new Membership comes through on the livestream, that creates a countdown bar at the top of the Youtube comments then the audio goes...
  6. AndresZP

    Question / Help Video delay +1sec using Epocam and iPhone

    I've tried about every tutorial I've found about out of sync audio. My issue is not with audio it is with video. I recorded a clip and looked at it in FCP for the amount of ms out of sync, so clap heard at 7:02 is seen at 8:02. My video feed has a delay. I tried adjusting the audio in "Sync...