Question / Help Video delay +1sec using Epocam and iPhone


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I've tried about every tutorial I've found about out of sync audio. My issue is not with audio it is with video. I recorded a clip and looked at it in FCP for the amount of ms out of sync, so clap heard at 7:02 is seen at 8:02. My video feed has a delay. I tried adjusting the audio in "Sync offset" in the Advanced audio properties with 1020ms and -950ms which is all I can get in the minus scale but it didn't fix the issue. 1020ms in Sync offset makes it look right in EpocamViewerPro and using Syphon client it looks and sounds in sync in OBS preview and while recording it looks fine. But then there is a +1sec video delay in the recorded file. I'm not using any video or audio filters. I tried using a lower video resolution, setting lower bitrate, lowering the audio sample rate to 44.1khz, frame rate to 24. Doesn't fix the issue. For video I use Epocam HD on an iPhone7, using a USB 3 cable and also tried over wifi, I have a fast Google onhub Wifi router. I'm using a USB Blue Snowball microphone. Computer is a new MacbookPro 2.4Ghz i5 ewith 8GB and Intel Iris Plus graphic card at 1.5MB. CPU usage while running is below 20%. I tried everything I've read and I'm out of ideas. Please help!

Log file: