nvenc error

  1. Riqode

    Error: Failed to open NVENC codec: Generic error in external library set gpu to 0, but I have a second gpu...

    Hi, I was trying to use my Nvidia GPU (GPU 1) for the NVENC encoder, but encoder error says that I have to set this back to GPU 0, (Intel Integrated graphics) due to the error. Can somebody please explain why I cannot use my Nvidia GPU for NVENC encoding? I do not want to use the Intel...
  2. C

    NVENC Error on 3060Ti

    Hello, as the title suggests I have been getting an encoder error ever since I installed OBS. The frequency of this error is completely random, sometimes pops up after 15-30 mins of recording or streaming while other times it would not even initiate the recording. Restarting my computer seems to...
  3. B

    NVENC Encoding Error while streaming Half Life: Alyx on Quest 2 using Air Link

    Hi so I've been trying to stream Half Life: Alyx using OBS but every time I get to a loading zone the game crashes when the next level is loading in. I've gotten the same error every time: "An encoder error occured while streaming: NVENC Error: get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s...
  4. R

    NVENC not working on OBS flatpak (27.2.4)

    When running flatpak list --runtime: Output: Name Application ID Version Branch Installation Studio translations com.obsproject.Studio.Locale stable...
  5. J

    Nvenc encoder crash, cant figure this out

    Ever since a few weeks or even a couple of months ago i started getting infrequent obs crashes where the encoder would crash. At the time i thought it was game specific but then it started happening in a new game multiple times in a 4 hour period. log file crash file a little back story, its...
  6. E

    Question / Help Help: NVENC error when starting to record

    Hi, I suddenly geht this error when I want to start to record. Didnt change anything before. The driver of the NVIDIA is the current one and no other programms are open who could interfere with memory issues. Any thoughts? I really