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  1. F

    OBS Suddenly not working??

    I used it to record a video just fine. Then I immediately recorded another video and that's where it all went to hell. I had Source Record on my camera, and on my display capture. So I would be getting three video files (the scene, the camera, and the display capture/footage). Each time after...
  2. CGGuitar

    OBS v29 Virtual Cam not working with Zoom 5.13.4

    Hey guys, Virtual Cam on OBS isn't working anymore with Zoom. Can anyone help?? I've attached a screenshot of what the OBS virtual camera looks like when turning it on to use in Zoom meeting. Is this a bug in the new version of OBS. Using OBS v29 and Zoom v5.13.4 Cheers, Charlie
  3. W

    My OBS is not working

    Hey! I just installed OBS and completed basic setup to record Powerpoint But when i click "start recording" button; a pop up opens and shows some messages. You can see the Screenshot to understand properly. By the way i Checked i found all my drivers are up to date. What to do, Please Guide....!
  4. dabrem

    Need Help Cameras Deactivating

    Hi, First thing I love OBS but after today I am not so sure. I had everything perfect with my stream and within obs. I currently just moved and had to setup all my equipment in a new place. Nothing changed other then the locations of my computers and monitors. Anyway I get everything setup. Turn...
  5. U

    Recent Issue with Vulkan Games

    Hello, I have noticed since Friday (04/23/2021), any game I play that uses the Vulkan API is not working with the Game Capture source in OBS. OBS Version: 26.1.1 Log File attached; I tested the following games: (1) DOOM (2016) - OpenGL (Successful game capture as can be seen in the logfile)...
  6. lcalder

    OBS 26.2 Win10 Ease of Access mouse size changes not captured by window capture

    I use Win10 Ease of Access to change my mouse arrow size and color. OBS 25 was able to capture this with window capture, but OBS 26 always ouputs a default small, white mouse cursor arrow to the stream. On OBS 26 and above, now the only way to correctly transmit my modified cursor size/color is...
  7. H

    OBS suddenly not showing any display I use

    I was using OBS on my laptop for a little bit, and it worked perfectly fine. However, I'm not sure when it happened, but it just stopped displaying anything at all I try to add a display capture, only to get this blank screen on it, and if I actually "OK" this and add it, it's pretty much...
  8. B

    Virtualcam stopped working

    When I first installed OBS Studio and Virtualcam, it worked fine when I broadcasted to Bluejeans using FF browser. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but to no avail. I just get a blank grey sometimes black screen. Can someone help...
  9. N

    Question / Help Display Capture not working!

    idk why, it once worked for me, i havnt changed computer since it worked, here is my log:
  10. N

    Question / Help nvenc not working anymore

    it used to work perfectly but now not so much, hhere is my log files: in case you want to know, it has been like this for a year and a half i couldnt fix it on my own so i came here