no audio in obs

  1. Devcroe

    Capture card audio shows but does not work or come up in audio mixer.

    ive tried reinstalling OBS, adding audio input capture just shows my microphone as an option and nothing else. i dont know what else i can try, ive tried all forums i can find on this issue and nothing.
  2. C

    Audio coming from capture card occasionally not working

    I bought that infamous super cheap capture card not too long ago, the seven bucks one that, for the price, works surprisingly well. Picture for reference. It did, indeed, work very well, especially for how cheap it was but sometimes after booting the machine or even after closing and reopening...
  3. M

    No volume

    Hi, I recently got a capture card so I can stream to twitch from my PS4. I have set up the whole system but the sound from my PlayStation does not come to obs or in any streams/vids I've recorded.
  4. A

    OBS Stops Recording Audio After In-between LoL Games

    Hey there, I'm looking to get into content creation, so I started learning OBS. I got it all setup perfectly, I even got some virtual audio cables to separate my audio which is super nice. Getting to the problem, every time I finish a game of League of Legends, OBS just stops picking up audio...
  5. M

    Audio in OBS is working, but in recordings cannot hear anything.

    I am using the win-capture-audio v2.2.2-beta plugin to record audio from my applications such as league of legends and spotify. There is audio on the mixer. For my microphone I have added a audio input capture set to my microphone. OBS is not muted in my volume mixer. When I speak or audio...
  6. J

    Audio Help PLEASE

    Wassup y’all. I haven’t seen anyone with this problem but I have a DELL MONITOR with no speakers and that seems to be the reason i have no audio showing up in OBS through my capture card. Is there a fix around this ? Or will I need to buy speakers for my monitor ?
  7. F

    No audio from OBS recording

    Hi everyone! I'm having difficulty with solving OBS having no audio issues when I record my Nintendo Switch game. I've tried everything I find on youtube, here and Google. Any leads on how to solve this? Thank you!
  8. S

    No Audio?

    I had recorded about 4 long clips of gameplay for use in a YouTube video, however, only 3/4 of those clips had audio, the 4th clip was 4 hours long and when I tried playing it on VLC to make sure it worked correctly, there was no audio, at first I thought it was just a bug with VLC, then I tried...
  9. davidmcmusic

    Why OBS doesn't get any signal from input 3 on my focusrite 18i8?

    Hello to everyone! The problem is: I connect my keyboard and guitar through inputs 1-2 which let me select between line-instrument connection. And then, I connect my microphone into the input n3. OBS gets the signal well from the inputs 1 and 2 but doesn't from the 3 input (mic). I hear the mic...
  10. S

    Audio Issue in OBS with BMD Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder V. 11.6

    I'm using the latest version of OBS on an iMac 2019, with a BMD Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder using V. 11.6, and MacOS 10.15.6, before the upgrade to macOS 10.15.6 and when using BMD desktop setup V. 11.5 and V. 11.5.1, I had no issues with audio in OBS, I only upgrade to V. 11.6, because the mac...