no audio in obs

  1. M

    No volume

    Hi, I recently got a capture card so I can stream to twitch from my PS4. I have set up the whole system but the sound from my PlayStation does not come to obs or in any streams/vids I've recorded.
  2. A

    OBS Stops Recording Audio After In-between LoL Games

    Hey there, I'm looking to get into content creation, so I started learning OBS. I got it all setup perfectly, I even got some virtual audio cables to separate my audio which is super nice. Getting to the problem, every time I finish a game of League of Legends, OBS just stops picking up audio...
  3. M

    Audio in OBS is working, but in recordings cannot hear anything.

    I am using the win-capture-audio v2.2.2-beta plugin to record audio from my applications such as league of legends and spotify. There is audio on the mixer. For my microphone I have added a audio input capture set to my microphone. OBS is not muted in my volume mixer. When I speak or audio...
  4. J

    Audio Help PLEASE

    Wassup y’all. I haven’t seen anyone with this problem but I have a DELL MONITOR with no speakers and that seems to be the reason i have no audio showing up in OBS through my capture card. Is there a fix around this ? Or will I need to buy speakers for my monitor ?
  5. F

    No audio from OBS recording

    Hi everyone! I'm having difficulty with solving OBS having no audio issues when I record my Nintendo Switch game. I've tried everything I find on youtube, here and Google. Any leads on how to solve this? Thank you!
  6. S

    No Audio?

    I had recorded about 4 long clips of gameplay for use in a YouTube video, however, only 3/4 of those clips had audio, the 4th clip was 4 hours long and when I tried playing it on VLC to make sure it worked correctly, there was no audio, at first I thought it was just a bug with VLC, then I tried...
  7. davidmcmusic

    Why OBS doesn't get any signal from input 3 on my focusrite 18i8?

    Hello to everyone! The problem is: I connect my keyboard and guitar through inputs 1-2 which let me select between line-instrument connection. And then, I connect my microphone into the input n3. OBS gets the signal well from the inputs 1 and 2 but doesn't from the 3 input (mic). I hear the mic...
  8. S

    Audio Issue in OBS with BMD Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder V. 11.6

    I'm using the latest version of OBS on an iMac 2019, with a BMD Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder using V. 11.6, and MacOS 10.15.6, before the upgrade to macOS 10.15.6 and when using BMD desktop setup V. 11.5 and V. 11.5.1, I had no issues with audio in OBS, I only upgrade to V. 11.6, because the mac...