multitrack audio

  1. C

    Non-OBS Script Extract multiple audio tracks from a video 1.0.0

    Some video editors do not allow you to import videos with multiple audio tracks (usually only the first audio track will be imported), which should be reported to the devs of those video editors. As such, you have to separate audio tracks into their own files and import them manually as a...
  2. XxsjrapsxX

    Multitrack audio in obs not showing up in premiere

    Do i have this plugin that allows me to record audio from individual applications i found, and it works but the issue is with getting said multiple audio tracks to show up in premiere. I have the various settings of what i did bellow can you tell me where i went wrong? cause all the different...
  3. Nimble

    Multi-track audio desync

    I'm experiencing desynchronized audio when comparing output tracks from OBS (27.0.1), is this expected behavior?
  4. A

    Need to access multi-track audio within OBS-recorded MKV file

    Hello. I edit for a video interview podcast that has been using XSplit for quite some time. The computer that is recording and broadcasting is Windows, but I edit on a Mac. The MP4 files generated by XSplit allowed me to access multi-track audio, for editing in Logic Pro X or Final Cut Pro. I...
  5. downthecrop

    Free Mutlitrack Recording Audio Remuxer 1.4

    With Twitch DMCA muting vods lots of people are going to be multitrack recoding locally. This tool can remux multritrack recodings into a new mp4 with a single audiotrack selected. Useful specifically if you record a track with only game audio and microphone selected for archival on Twitch or...
  6. A

    Can I have separate audio tracks WHILE streaming???

    So, I stream some RP games, and sometimes I have to block my screen and mute my desktop audio so that my stream can't see what I'm doing for a few minutes... well when I mute my desktop audio, obviously my chat can't hear anything at all. I want to be able to just mute my game to my stream, but...
  7. S

    Question / Help Sending live audio from studio one 4.5 to OBS 25

    Hello, I have searched the forums and I find no clarity, but I can’t imagine I would be the only one who has to deal with this problem. Let me explain what I want to do and what is happening to not allow that. I have a windows 10 PC which is running an i9 CPU with a 1080 GTX founders edition...