multiple gpus

  1. I

    How can i devide scene rendering between diffirent GPUs?

    I have 2x GTX 690 units in my video server. I have alredy configured my setup to encode multiple copyes of OBS (different streams on different GPUs with NVENC, but i need to spread scene rendering load also, so i can have more room to handle more simultaneous streams. I saw an option in...
  2. I

    How can i change or choose GPU for 3D Acceleration for OBS?

    Hardware Setup: 2x Xeon X5680 2x GTX 690 (in Windows they are recognized as 4 diffirent GPUs, from #0 to #3) I need 16 copies of OBS running simultaneously. I've made 16 different .exe copies of OBS for this propose. Each of them strats by '.bat " file with defined Scene and Profile. Every 4...
  3. M

    Record 6 monitors running on 2 GPUs

    Hello, I have a computer with 6 monitors (2560x1440 each) and I need to record all of them (regular desktop work, no gaming). I have 2x GeForce GTX 1080 each with 3 monitors connected. I'm able to record all the monitors from 1 GPU but I'd need to record both of them. Is there some way how to...
  4. G

    GPU overload, even with no sources in the scene

    Hi folks, I've been using OBS for a while on an older Win10 laptop, just upgraded to one with dual GPUs and now it won't really run properly at all. In task manager my Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 card is running at full pelt even with nothing happening in OBS. Log file is here...
  5. SenpaiYank

    Bug Report Quicksync unavailable

    Greetings, so, I've been having this issue which disables me from using intel's quicksync (it doesn't appear on the encoder dropdown list) on my laptop whenever I use my dedicated GPU to open OBS. It happens that when I do that, OBS doesn't recognize the intel iGPU but the dedicated nvidia one...
  6. B

    OBS Black Screen Fix (AMD)

    Note: This thread is aimed primarily at fixing black screens for AMD Laptop users and also Multi-Adapter Graphics Laptop Thingies. Basically, your device has a lot of graphics cards. Ok. So a while ago I used OBS and it worked fine. No black screen, no OBS (Oh this is so B*llShit) moments, no...