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    Trouble getting scenes to switch flawlessly when using multiple cameras

    So I have 5 cameras around my room for different angles. For some reason, my OBS has a hard time when it switches to cameras 3 and 5. The other cameras work and switch but there is a bit of a lag between them. It is not a quick switch, there is a one-second pause before it loads the camera. Does...
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    Multiple wireless gopro with OBS

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit lost. Does anyone know how multiple gopro can be connected wirelessly and using the mobile network, to obs? It is for outdoor streaming. Thanks!
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    Can 65 core GPU MAC studio fix Fan noise problem w/ multicam recording?

    Anyone have a Mac Studio (Apple M1 Ultra with 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU, 32-core Neural Engine) That is running OBS w/ multicam (2-3 cameras) For recording only ???? Curious to know if it an handle this load (with all it's gpu's etc.) without the fans blowing higher than baseline (no load) My...
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    Multicam streaming from speakers on Zoom

    Hi everyone, I have been using OBS for a short time and I have questions about remote video streaming. My speakers will intervene on Zoom directly from their homes and will not have to perform any complicated manipulation. So there are several speakers and several webcams. And we need to get...
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    Second camera is out of sync

    So I’m running 2 Sony NXCAM-50 camcorders to run a multi cam for church services to get two angles. I noticed when I record both cameras are in sync with the audio (audio is coming from one camera connected to the sound board). When I go to stream and connect my Ethernet cable then the second...
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    Question / Help Multicam Audio Offset

    I’m new to OBS. I have a video feed going from the HDMI out of the camera into my MacBook. The audio is coming in to the MacBook on a USB port from a sound mixer. I adjusted the delay for the audio. Very simple. Works great. The problem comes when I would like to have a second camera (the only...
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    Question / Help Live streaming multicam with more than 5 cameras using Atem mini pro with Obs

    Hello everyone. I am new to streaming in general. I own a music Studio in Greece and we wont to get into live streaming music concerts that they will take place here in our studio. So we are speaking with a very well known musician here in Greece and we are planing to do a very ambitious stream...
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    Question / Help OBS - DroidCam. It's possible use 2 or more cellphones as cameras simultaneously?

    I need to use 2 cellphones as independent cameras live in obs, but droidcam only accept 1 phone at the time. It's possible use 2 or more cellphones as cameras simultaneously? Maybe somebody know about it? Without video capture device will be cheapest to use HD quality in obs. Really...
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    Question / Help Multi-Cam Recording and Storage for Editing?

    I am setting up multiple webcams (at least 4) with the hope of live-streaming AND capturing video for post-production edits later on. Can OBS not only record what we LIVESTREAM, but record and store ALL CAMERA videos simultaneously to use for for editing later on?
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    Question / Help Setting Up MultiCam for Podcast

    Hey everyone, sure this has been posted before but I am unable to find anything so if there is a thread please link it. Basically I am looking to start live streaming a podcast I do with a friend and am trying to figure out how to set up a multicam for it. The person and I who do the podcast...