microphone audio

  1. R

    Microphone audio being low or muffled

    Hi I recently got obs to start recording but when I tried testing out how it sounded my desktop audio sounded fine but my microphone audio sounded very low and muffled like I was recording it through my phone or I was in the closet. my headphones are HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless + 7.1 (idk...
  2. V

    I can't Hear my microphone audio on mobile (on stream or during videos) but i can hear my mic fine on everything else

    So i have ran into this problem for the past few months where during streams and posting YouTube videos i will check my stream on PC, everything sounds fine, on console, everything is fine but if i go onto my twitch app and check my stream i can hear game play but not my microphone audio. The...
  3. P

    PBS not Recording Mic Audio

    Hey All, My OBS setup was working fine two days ago, as far as I remember I didn't do anything that should have changed the state of the system. I've attached a log of the recording I made where it only picked up my computer audio, nothing from the mic. If one of you could help me...
  4. 700hours

    Free Microphone Visual Software 1.1+ retail version for free

    Simple Details Release (1.0b): Digital EQ for live microphone monitoring output Simple audio device router of the output A live image of the sample data A high quality recording option of the processed audio Version (1.1): VST plugin loading for further modifying input audio Noise canceling...
  5. C

    Mic Audio Low and Muffled Sounding

    So I bought a new PC, used to use mac, and installed OBS on here. I was excited cause mac isn't the best for OBS, but my microphone audio is extraordinarily quiet and muffled sounding, like it is in a drawer. I am using a headset and a splitter to connect the headphone jack to both the mic and...
  6. A

    Audio Suppression turning off when I talk

    Hello! This has probably been addressed before but I am setting up my microphone and it's quiet. Recording doesn't have any background noise and it's great. But when I stop the recording I notice the level is moving again and I'll do another silent recording and there's noise. I have to go...
  7. N

    Echo and distortion from microphone on Fedora

    Hi I am new to OBS. I have installed it on Fedora 33 from RPMFusion. I have added the Noise Suppressor with default settings. But whenever I speak, the voice is relayed to my speakers, I don't want to hear my own voice relayed back to me, and there is a weird echo that lasts up to 3 seconds...
  8. J

    Audio of wood carving

    Hello, I'm trying to get good audio of wood carving but all I can get is either no sound or maxed out sound. When I use the mic for talking it works perfectly. I'm using a Zingyou compressor mic plugged into the audio jack of my laptop, and I've messed around variously with noise suppression...
  9. D

    output audio

    INGLESE Mi scuso se non parlo perfettamente l'inglese. il mio problema è che vorrei utilizzare il mio microfono su una piattaforma per conferenze (ZOOM). c'è un modo per "passare" anche l'audio del microfono da OBS? fammi spiegare: OBS ti permette di creare un microfono in uscita su Zoom, in...
  10. N

    Audio bug with newer OBS version causes audio crackling, choppy mic or mic stuttering multiple time a second, OBS unusable with higher quality mics?

    For most of 2020 there have been posts about this bug on this forum and reddit etc. It seems that OBS just does not like higher quality microphones and no fix has been presented. Users who add a mic, especially higher end usb or even shotgun microphones fed via XLR find that their stream and...
  11. X

    Virtual Microphone

    I want to add a virtual microphone in OBS so that people can hear me from the virtual camera.
  12. janosch.hrm

    Microphone sounds weird when using the "Noise suppression" filter

    Hey there, I've recently been setting up OBS for my video recordings. I've got the Rode Videomic Go plugged into my PC for audio. Without any audio filters, the microphone picks up quite a lot of noise & rustle in the background. While watching some tutorials, people recommended that I use...
  13. H

    Corsair mic really quiet when recording

    OBS picks up discord, spotify and game adiuo but whenever I speak in the mic, its really really quite and barely their.
  14. J

    How can i remove the microphone recording from a video

    i recorded a video with OBS but forgot to turn off the feature to record from the microphone i dont want to have the sounds recorded from the mic so is it possible to remove it and only have the sounds recorded from the PC only?
  15. M

    Microphone working only in OBS or everywhere else

    My audio setup has my microphone go into a mixing board, from there mixer output -> computer line in -and- mixer monitor -> computer rear microphone port. The problem is that OBS takes exclusive control of (only) the rear microphone port, even though it is not set to Windows default microphone...
  16. V

    Can't Hear Microphone Audio in Recording Videos

    Hi there so i recorded a video the other day for someone's bday video and it let me record audio and video but when i messed with some settings today it completely messed up my OBS, i can see my audio from my microphone appear in the OBS Mixer and it picks up my voice but when i try and record a...