mic not recognized

  1. S

    Audio/mic muffled, not picking up

    Hello, I just got this new headset that comes with a mic for my laptop and I've looked up a ton of tutorials and none of them seem to help me fix my microphone and audio issues. Every time I try to record a game to see if my mic worked it either comes out muffled or it plays a loud noise and it...
  2. Scarlet Evergreen Ch

    Headset Mic stop responding when opening another desktop tab, is there a reason why and is there a way to fix it?

    So I'm been test running the obs studio on the computer with the imperion hs-g51 silver shield headset to record me talking, but every time I open or changes to another desktop tab (especially those from nearly any steam games), obs studio completely stop the mic audio but the desktop audio is...
  3. N

    Camera Mic not Picking Up

    I am using a Ordro 4K camera that came with the Ordro CM-520. When I record a video on just the camera with out a capture card or OBS, the audio records fine, but as soon as I open OBS and try to record through the capture card, the audio is not picked up. I have tried to change the default...
  4. T

    Question / Help Help with Taking Calls with iPhone for Stream

    Good day, If this has already been solved please point me in the right direction. I want to take a phone call from my iPhone 11 PRO MAX on my stream. This requires getting audio out and back into the phone through the Lighting port. Since my Apollo x8p does not have a lighting port for easy...
  5. buckettraveler

    Question / Help Linux Mint built in mic on notebook doesn't show up on audio settings

    I swear I had this set up once. I record audio on an external device but I need a mic on my notbook to sync the audio. When I went to use it today my mic wasn't visable. I'm just using the mic input on the side of my notebook and it works find, I can open sound preferences on in Linux and it...
  6. T

    Bug Report Obs can't capture my mic while i am listening (Solved)

    I want to stream my gameplay in Youtube with my voice. My Realtek mix of headphone jack is broken for unknown reason, so i use Bluetooth headphone. The mic of bluetooth headphone works well, when i test it with Skype Echo. But OBS can't detect any Mic sounds sometimes. While i record something...
  7. G

    Question / Help My mic is not working on stream

    So I Stream regularly every day and one day my mic cannot be heard on stream and my discord friends can hear me and the audio levels are going up and down in stream labs obs and the mic is not muted. This is probably a simple fix but I cannot find it on the internet. Can someone help?
  8. D

    Question / Help Obs mic problems

    Hi so my obs will not detect audio but recognizes its there. any ideas? here is my recent log.
  9. A

    Question / Help Mic not recognized

    Hello! I am a newbie when it comes to OBS, I used Camtasia before for recording my screen and when I used that it recognized my built in mic just fine, I could record it and record the commentary just fine, when I try recording in OBS no matter what I do my mic is just not recognized and it...