log error

  1. R

    Livestream stops at random, 45 minutes of log missing

    Hi all We use OBS to livestream events on Vimeo. The last couple of times our stream stops at random and the livestream in vimeo is stopt and put in the video folder. If we want to set up a new livestream, we now have to make a new event, put a new streamkey in obs and give our client a new...
  2. M

    Frame Drops and Unsteady Bitrate

    Hi! Since this past Saturday (11/19/22), I have been having issues with OBS studio where I am getting huge numbers of dropped frames when streaming (both to Twitch and YouTube - separately). The bitrate will be fairly steady, but it will then suddenly either drop, going down to 1000kbps...
  3. Yui_cake

    Excuse me please, could you help me with the OBS crash?

    I just can't get into OBS - it crashes right away.
  4. R

    OBS Stops Working when used for a long time

    I have been experiencing this painful malfunction by my obs studio for months now, but no youtube video or post could solve that. Every time am using OBS for Reaction video, it actually works fine sometimes, but when I use it for a long time (hours), Its Starts ducking my audio and the video I...
  5. O

    obs studio won't stop recording

    hey, i tried today recording my screen but when i click stop recording it won't stop. my output is on advanced, i don't know what i'm doing wrong. feel free to ask any question, thank you! :) BTW, i uploaded the last log
  6. L

    OBS Crash error during streaming - and it image got froozen

    Hello, I use it to stream in my church, and it never happend since I started to use it at about 6 months. We were conected to an Avermedia Live Gamer Portable Lite Gl310 and a EOS webcam utility from cannon camera. It happend when I was preparing the scene with mp4 and trying to add a camera...