OBS Crash error during streaming - and it image got froozen

Luiz Azevedo

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I use it to stream in my church, and it never happend since I started to use it at about 6 months.
We were conected to an Avermedia Live Gamer Portable Lite Gl310 and a EOS webcam utility from cannon camera.
It happend when I was preparing the scene with mp4 and trying to add a camera (on avermedia) wich it was on live at the moment. AT this moment OBS got froozen, and sound kept working ok.

Any gass of the cause please? tks

Follow error log.


  • Crash 2020-08-14 22-36-03.txt
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  • Crash 2020-08-15 18-44-03.txt
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  • Crash 2020-08-15 18-48-41.txt
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Luiz Azevedo

New Member
I've forgotten to mention that, windows 10 get automatically updated at the privious night. It could be the cause?
I use it before, and it never happend. Any oppinion of what coud I do to avoid it to happen again?