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    Cannot separate audio tracks on Streaming PC

    Good afternoon! I had purchased a GoXLR mini and had it setup up for my dual PC streaming. The setup is: LINE IN of GoXLR into LINE OUT of gaming PC. Then, Line OUT of GoXLR into LINE IN of my streaming PC. So, everything is set up correctly, according to the instructions and the dozens of...
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    Microphone working only in OBS or everywhere else

    My audio setup has my microphone go into a mixing board, from there mixer output -> computer line in -and- mixer monitor -> computer rear microphone port. The problem is that OBS takes exclusive control of (only) the rear microphone port, even though it is not set to Windows default microphone...
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    Audio out of synchronization after scene editing

    Hello everyone, For my setup I use an ndi camera and the line in input of the pc for the sound. I have set the sync offset so that the video and sound are synced. However, every time the PC is restarted the sync offset is getting bigger. I was able to fix this by Check / Uncheck the box for...
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    Question / Help Audio Static input displays, but no meter!

    Hello guys, I have a quick question, i've been trying to setup a line in (from my goXLR) and it appears that the static inputs (the tiny boxes) read correctly, in this case yellow, but I have no meter visualization. Is there any way to correct this?
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    Question / Help Can't get OBS to recognise Line-In Sound

    Hi, I've just started using OBS. I have no problem getting it to recognise and stream/record browser windows, programs etc. However, I cannot get it to pick up the sound from Line-In (either front or back input) - whether my coming through my mic or an external audio source (both of which are...