laggy game

  1. Flexa

    can't record smoothly with OBS but with Game Bar everythings alright

    hello, as you may have seen on the title, obs is making minecraft laggy but Game Bar is working normally, at 60 fps without any lag, its like if its not recording Link of OBS recording: OBS settings: 720p, 60fps, Intel Quicksync, 14k Kbps CBR, Target: Quality (i...
  2. C

    INPUT LAG and Choppy Gameplay during Streaming

    Hello there, I occure a massive Problem while Streaming. Every Time I stream my Game doesn't feel that smooth. I play on a 144hz with 144 FPS and It feels a bit off. Plus I notice a bit of Input Delay. My FPS are fine, so is my Stream. But it feels off. Like I said, I play on a 144hz and my OBS...
  3. M

    Question / Help Many laggs in record

    Hi Guys, I need your help, I have the latest OBS version, but my mine force recordings and the game itself are jerky and lagging. I have a Radeon Veage graphics card AMD, but I cannot find the graphics card in the settings, how can I get rid of the Laggs? Hallo Leute, ich brauche eure Hilfe...
  4. Protonz

    Question / Help OBS records in poor quality (NVIDIA doesn't work) any help?

    I've been trying to get into OBS and I have tried multiple ways to try and increase quality in my recordings as everything looks very pixelated and in poor quality. Looking around I have seen that the optimal solution would be to switch your encoder to NVIDIA but however when I try to do this a...
  5. L

    Question / Help No matter what i do my recordings always end up choppy and laggy

    Hey everyone, i want to start recording videos but its literally impossible. Ive seen so many youtube videos but every setting i try either makes the game lag so much while recording, or the game smooth but really laggy and choppy recording, ive tried autoconfigure and anything but nothing is...
  6. I

    Question / Help OBS makes game looking choppy but FPS is fine

    Hey, so recently i have been having this issue with obs (version 23.1.0). Whenever obs is open (doesn't even have to be recording) my game feels incredibly choppy however I still get high fps(I use game capture). I also use Nvenc new encoding. The problem only occurs when obs is open. And the...
  7. T

    Question / Help [OBS 23.0.1] CS:GO looks laggy with 200+ fps, even without streaming

    So recently my OBS makes my CS:GO look laggy when not even streaming. If I close OBS, everything runs perfectly fine but when I open it and I switch to my CS:GO scene it starts looking laggy. I have CS:GO in a Game Capture source EDIT: When I minimize OBS, it doesn't appear laggy. But that's a...
  8. T

    Question / Help Laggy and jittery recording

    Hello . I am having an issue when ever I record/stream it com’s out laggy and Jittery The footage It self while in game I don’t get any lag or frame issue. Thank you. Setup: i7 8700 GTX 1080 16gb ram ddr 4 3000mhz (No capture card not sure if it’s. Almost am new to this)
  9. O

    Question / Help FPS drop while recording

    Hi, I have a pretty good PC with a GTX 1050 TI and i want to record CS:GO and everytime when i have OBS opened in the background (not recording) it lags, it goes from 100 to about 20 FPS, when i'm recording it's just unplayable. Please help me.
  10. S

    Question / Help Obs video is choppy without streaming or recording

    So the title says it, OBS has recently started to be laggy or have trouble rendering even when im not streaming or recording. Ive tried all i can think of tbh ^^^^ most recent log
  11. A

    Question / Help OBS In-Game Lagg while streaming.

    Hello, I have a problem with my OBS which i've been trying to fix for the past year. I followed tutorials, tried different settings, Changed In-Game settings. The problem is that when i'am streaming, the stream looks just fine but my Game gets really laggy. My PC Specs are: GeForce GTX 1070...
  12. J

    Question / Help Fortnite lag spikes and lag while streaming

    Hello, I want to stream on twitch but there is an issue it is just lagging...... I tried to fix it i watched a lot of youtube video's but couldn't find out what it made so laggy here is my last log file while streaming fortnite: Thank you, Jack ( Oh and if you...
  13. sampleauto

    Question / Help Lag only after an hour of streaming

    I stream on Twitch using OBS Studio and everything works well, I mainly play Rocket League at 144fps, and the stream runs at 30fps. Both are fine until after about 45 minutes of streaming or so, when Rocket League (and all other games after) go down to much lower frames (Rocket League goes down...
  14. swenpai

    Bug Report Game Lags And Video Problem

    Hello, It is probably a very common problem. But while recording my game lags and at the end, the video itself is all laggy too. Here's the log: What can be causing it? Thank you! :)
  15. C

    Question / Help OBS Making my game lag whenever I get any alerts!

    Hey guys I hope someone can help me, I seem to get temporary lag spikes in game whenever I get an alert, I have a log file that hopefully can help with this! any advice would be perfect!