intel arc

  1. C

    Is Intel ARC only for laptops?

    Hi, I want to buy a gaming laptop or PC with the latest configuration on an affordable budget. I have heard about the intel arc, But I don't know if intel arc is only for laptops or PCs, so could you help me with this?
  2. Stain_CultistsNetwork

    Intel Arc AV1 Shenanigans (OBS 29 Beta 3 and OBS 29.0)

    Hi All! I'll cut to the chase, makes things a bit easier. I've been having issues for a bit over a month now with OBS not allowing me to use my Arc A380's AV1 capabilities or even HEVC for that matter. I'm able to choose Quicksync H.264, but the only other options for CODECS are x.264, SVT/AOM...
  3. Reguna

    Do Intel Arc GPUs have a good H264 hardware encoder? Is it good for streaming with OBS?

    Hi, I want to buy a dedicated GPU for non-gaming purpose. The most demanding job for this GPU will probably be streaming. I know that Intel Arc GPU has AV1 hardware encoder, and the fact that both Twitch and Youtube do not support AV1 (I think we need to wait for 1-2 years before they officially...
  4. J

    Intel ARC 370m AV1 Encoding Won't use GPU in recording

    I have my recording setup to use the SVT-AV1 Encoder AND my GPU in the windows settings is set to high performance (dedicated gpu) but while streaming my GPU stays at 0% and my processor is at 100%. I have tried re-installing drivers, obs and even as far as a windows factory reset. Still nothing...
  5. A

    Turing NVENC or wait for Intel Arc Hardware Accelerated AV1 encoder?

    My cousin offer me his 1660 Super for $175 US. I am not playing games in my PC, only on console. I would like to use NVENC to record gameplay only. Should I buy his 1660 Super (Turing NVENC) or wait for Intel's cheapest new graphic card (rumor say its gonna be around $150) that comes with...