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  1. D

    OBS Studio - Low FPS in Videos (Windows 11)

    Hello Everyone, I have a problem with OBS. I tried a lot of things, I tried reinstalling OBS, looking for solutions on youtube, but nothing worked out. I think it isn't a hardware problem, I have AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with Gigabyte GTX 1080Ti 11GB. I am not sure but I think that other Recording...
  2. A

    when play recording it goes 0.2 frames per second

    I tried to make a recording of me playing my first game on Hypixel Minecraft Server and when I played the video back it was only updated the frames every ten seconds or more I would upload it but it is to big to do so These are my settings Video Encoder: QuickSync H.264 Audio Encoder: FFMPEG...
  3. C

    OBS NVENC Error

    Hi Folks , my friend just updatet to the newest Version of OBS and now it won´t start Streaming just showing the Message : NVENC Error : init_encoder_h264: nv.nvEncInitializeEncoder(enc->session,&enc->params) failed: 8(NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_PARAM) We tried to restart OBs , restart the Computer...
  4. I

    MY game lags while recording

    my recording is soo laggy can you help me i wanna quality video recording without laggy video Here My pc specs: Windows 10 pro 2 GB ram Nvidia 9500 GT 297 GB HDD
  5. C

    stream crash

    recently I am having problems with the stream, after a few minutes this crashes and then restarts by itself I have tried everything and I do not know what to do it is the first time I write on the forum and sorry for my English log: https://obsproject.com/logs/c1dApYycbqHlNTD_
  6. Y

    Problem podczas "przechwytywania gry"

    Chcę zacząć streamować na platformę Twitch (Na laptopie!) Lecz nie umiem za bardzo obsługiwać programu Obs, dopiero się ucze. Potrzebuje pomocy ponieważ gdy chcę dodać "przechwyty gry" program tego nie widzi. Nie wiem co zrobić. Jeżeli znasz się dobrze na tym programie i chciałbyś / chciałabyś...
  7. N

    Problemas con bitrate

    Bueno el tema es que yo streameaba fortnite a 1080p y me iba muy fluido, deje de stremear un tiempo y ahora estoy queriendo volver, pero tengo un problema y es que cuando prendo empieza bien, entro a mi celular y se ve bien, pero luego se emipieza a lagear y cada 2 segundos se traba el stream en...
  8. E

    High Cpu Usage + high Temperature

    Hi, I have a pretty low to medium end Laptop (since im poor), and i want to make some videos with my friends. But when I run OBS for recording, my game's fps drop (minecraft, terraria, alien swarm...) and my pc is hot. My spec: -i5 1035G1 (1.00ghz - 3.60ghz) -60hz refresh rate screen...
  9. N

    My friends mic audio is glitchy

    I made a video on obs studio’s with my friend he’s mic was perfect when recording but after the recording when i was watching the video hes mic was glitchy and a little bad
  10. X

    Question / Help Settings for low-end PC Amd A4-6210 APU with Amd Radeon R3 Graphics

    Pls help me i need settings for livestream on a Amd A4-6210 APU with Amd Radeon R3 Graphics
  11. T

    Bug Report I have a black screen in obs

    LOG: https://obsproject.com/logs/f9KdPRCme3NgmP9M
  12. M

    Question / Help OBS Problem

    So When i want to record on csgo i go to window and to the task it doesnt show the game, when i go to display it doesnt show. so i try streamlabs still doesnt work. then i upgraded all my drivers and still doesnt work. so i wondered if someone can help me solve this issue.
  13. K

    Question / Help i cant see my screen only cursor

    https://obsproject.com/logs/r5UCwSFNSbVjuJoA hello can you help me i have a problem that i only see my cursor and black screen on OBS i used a youtube films for help but anyone dosen t work help me pls.
  14. ImSuki

    Question / Help Gameplay Feels choppy but my recording comes out really smooth

    so every time i record my game i still have really high FPS while playing but the game Feels "laggy" and streamlabs isnt dropping Frames or anything, the recording is Fine but its just the gameplay, anyone know how to Fix?
  15. J

    Question / Help Cant chose NVIDIA as encoder and do not see it as an option at all. Please help!

    So before I got OBS at all I tried to set up screen recording with the NVIDIA experience recording tool but it did not work since it said that my GPU is eighter outdated or it does not meet the requirements BUT my GPU is not outdated although it is not the best eighter ( it is a NVIDIA Ge-force...
  16. F

    Question / Help Random Encoding overload after OBS Update!

    Hello, yesterday I've updated OBS to the latest version and after this ,I've got an encoding overload error during a rec (not stream)! Before the update all was ok... So I re-installed the old version but still got the error with same settings! So , now I don't know how to fix this . I have a...
  17. D

    Question / Help Fps Drops in obs while i am playing/streaming fortnite

    hello i started streaming and i may get some issues i got fps drops in my obs and if i cap my fps for a example on 60 my obs is good but i can reacht like 160 so is there a way to fix this? Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/WtjGrJcJorGlg3OP
  18. S

    Question / Help Game is 60+FPS while OBS & recording is less than set FPS!

    Specs: EVGA GTX 1070 SC in SLI Intel i5-7600K CPU 3.8GHz (doesn't improve recording at 4.2GHz) 32GB Corsair RAM (2666 clocked speeds XMP) Asus STRIX z270-F motherboard 3TB WD hard drive space I tried every setting on YouTube (all seen to be the same) and my own settings but the gameplay seems...
  19. Z

    Question / Help OBS Black Screen! Please Help!

    So I have been using OBS for about a month now and everything has been fine and worked out great. I streamed earlier today and it was great except I had a problem, my screen was really fuzzy and just didn't look right. I went online did some things to make it look better and carried on my way...