1. JoobieDoobieDoo

    Microstutter and skipped frames in preview and recordings. No encoder or Render Lag.

    I have had weird system wide stuttering issues for a long time now, and I've now reached the point that it's beyond what I can search or throw extra money I don't have at the problem to try and solve. I get random strange stutters, micro stutters, and lagspikes/dropped frames to varying...
  2. jeanmonday

    Unfortunately, I think G-SYNC might be my issue.

    PROBLEM Unable to record buttery-smooth 60fps gameplays without having to run current monitor through HDMI and being forced to play games at 60Hz with VSync enabled. SYSTEM SPECS Lenovo Legion Y720 (Laptop) Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ (2.80GHz) NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 (6GB) 16GB (2 × 8GB)...
  3. H

    Question / Help OBS Frame Stutter (Single PC)

    Yo Guys, At first, i want to say that this is more complicated than most of you guys are thinking (i hope i am wrong), i am trying to solve this nearly for as long as is know. Ive got a multi monitor Setup, 1x Samsung TV (1080p,60hz) - connected via HDMI 1x Terra 24" Monitor (1080p, 60hz) -...
  4. T

    Question / Help OBS and G-Sync

    I am having an issue with obs right now, when I have obs opened, the g sync on my monitor stops working. I've tested it and it's only when obs is opened. My game runs smooth and then the second OBS is opened the game runs at 60 Hz and my g sync indicator doesn't show it's active anymore, I don't...
  5. T

    Question / Help OBS causing lag in game. Bad performance drops

    Hey guys I just recently bought a pc and thought about getting into streaming. Everything I've read so far says I should be able to stream relatively easily on my machine but for some reason I have absolutely horrible drops in performance when I stream. Just looking for suggestions or answers on...