1. Rein.b

    Black Screen on Game Capture while playing Roblox after OBS lastest update

    Hi Guys I'm Rein.b, Is Anyone have same problem with me while try to record Roblox with OBS? The screen is Black when I used game capture or Spesific Windows mode on Roblox. I tried to another game, but Game Capture mode is work properly. This problem just happened on Roblox. I Asked my friends...
  2. diagom02

    Loss of output quality at times of sudden movement within the game.

    Greetings.! I am having a problem with the output of the content either streaming or recording. I'll show it briefly in a video, just notice the movement of the character. GPU: AMD Radeon RX 570 4Gb Is there a specific configuration to improve this? I got to try with the recording software...
  3. Y

    Issues with Game/Window capture when base resolution is changed.

    I've had this issue, not only with OBS but also with SLOBS. Basically, when I change my canvas resolution, both Window capture and Game capture completely break and don't show anything, I am never able to fix this issue so now I am stuck here with no alternatives (not really wanting to use...
  4. S

    gamecapture transform values are strange

    Hi everyone, I'm troubled with gamecapture size. 0 is set as size values at transform of gamecapture source at first. and after setting appropriate number, 90001 is set at virtical and horizontal values of transform. Video : https://photos.app.goo.gl/dtFe4Wk99hyBVBYJ8 any solutuons? my...
  5. G

    Game Capture not working

    I am trying to record a Minecraft video for my Youtube channel but when I use game capture Minecraft does not appear on the screen even when I set it to specifically Minecraft instead of any fullscreen application. I don't know what could be causing the problem and need some help.
  6. N

    Not being able to game capture a Specific Game for twitch

    So i have been trying to start streaming on twitch, i have watched many tutorial videos on how to setup OBS and many different ways to use it. My concern is that when i try to stream games like Roblox or Valorant game capture works perfectly but the game im trying to stream is Genshin impact. I...
  7. E

    Why my obs screen is black?

    First of all, I have a laptop (Lenovo B50-80 I5-5200U just with Intel HD Graphics 5500 , i don t have any Nvidia or AMD graphic card) . My screen is black when I want to record a game . On YTB i dont find nothing about this like why ? Im the only one without a nvidia or amd graphic card?
  8. goradPL

    OBS not capturing games

    Hello, So I tried to capture csgo.exe and it just keeps showing me black screen. I was trying to change from power saving mode to high prior and nothing. Please I need help
  9. R

    Question / Help Obs dont show the playstion on screen :(

    Since this week i cant stream or record anymore because obs doenst show my playsation in the obs screen. The avermedia app does still show the screen from the playstaion, so i know its not broken or something. I tried almost every thing, deactivete and activate the source, reinstall obs...
  10. G

    Question / Help Obs studio game capture only record a small icon to the left.

    I've been trying for many hours but i have an issue with obs studio while I'm trying to game capture Roblox studio but whatever I do it only captures a small bit of the screen in the left i can't fix it and i really need help i tried reinstalling and uninstalling obs but it doesn't GPU: AMD...