1. K

    Bug Report OBS Font bug (Only numbers)

    Greetings. My OBS was working just fine until today, when font responsible for numbers 1234567890 started replacing them with ੧੨੩੪੫੬੭੮੯੦ - Even though I am using English as the language of OBS and system and base font. Everything else is fine, but just numbers are complete gibberish and...
  2. frisbii

    Bug Report Imported fonts unload when going back into OBS after a shutdown

    I have Roboto Mono installed from here on my OS, and OBS picks that up fine when it's first installed; the Text (GDI+) source works as expected. However, if I shut down my computer, when I turn it on again and open OBS, the fonts have unloaded. The font preview works, however the properties...
  3. A

    Bug Report Crashed when selecting font. (Ver 23.1.0, 32/64-bit, Windows 8.1)

    Hi, my OBS Studio running well before, but when I change my hardware with new video card, 4K screen, and want to change some text size, click "Select Font", and it crashed immediately. The Bug report file has attached here. Thanks.
  4. B

    Question / Help OBS font size

    Hi there! Hi! I'm using 3 screens, 27" 1920x1080 each one. I have no problems with other software, but OBS font are too small. I looked for an option to change size but I don't found anything. I have to augment the DPI from 100% to 125% in one windows each time I need to use OBS and its pretty...
  5. kurufu

    text-pango: multi-language and emoji v0.4.1

    A continuation of the excellent work by Reboot from here. New Features: - Multi language support on all platforms: full support for Arabic, Hindi, Thai, CJK, Emoji, and more. - Packages for Win64 and Mac, dead simple compilation for Linux. - Proper Serif/Sans fallback fonts - Proper rendering...