dual graphics

  1. G

    Streaming from second GPU

    Hello I Have GTX 1080Ti and GTX 1050Ti and I'm using both cards but when I tried to stream from 1050ti and on a 1080Ti my Game Crash and OBS aswell. I've seen multiple tutorials how to stream from second gpu and I'm doing exactly the same things from this videos. I'm using the latest Nvidia...
  2. W

    Please help screen black on second monitor cam

    on a dual monitor setup with my laptop but the thing can't recongnize the second display, however the obs does recognise the second monitor it is just not diplaying.
  3. Taretor

    Question / Help Dual GPU problem

    I have dual GPU in my laptop (intel , Nvidea). If I want to use display capture I have to run OBS studio with intel GPU and if I want to use game capture I have to run OBS studio with Nvidea GPU otherwise I will get black screen. My question : I'm using quick sync (intel GPU) to encode the...
  4. onion

    Question / Help dual nvidia card win10 Failed to start

    my system: i7 6800k@4.0+16G ram +GTX 1080+ gt1030 I want to play game with 1080 and obs stream with 1030 I download the OBS at Obsobject.com/zh-cn version 21.1.2 and I got a trouble: in the setting obs : output: if i choose the GPU0(gtx1080),obs works well. if i choos the GPU1(gt 1030),obs can...
  5. R

    Question / Help Dual GPU, Dual Monitor League of Legends Window Capture Error. Blackscreen.

    Hello, im trying to help a friend fix her obs issues. She has an old laptop with Dual GPU (Intel integrated graphics and Nvidia NVS 5200M). She has a Graphics Tablet (XP-Pen Artist 16) which functions as a second monitor. Whenever it is connected to the laptop, league of legends is not...