Question / Help dual nvidia card win10 Failed to start


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my system:
i7 6800k@4.0+16G ram +GTX 1080+ gt1030
I want to play game with 1080
and obs stream with 1030
I download the OBS at version 21.1.2
and I got a trouble:
in the setting obs :
if i choose the GPU0(gtx1080),obs works well.
if i choos the GPU1(gt 1030),obs can not start stream,and tell me there is a problem:
屏幕快照 2018-07-27 下午3.59.48.png

Failed to start the output, please check the log for details .....

so how can i solve this problem?
both two nvidia cards has been detected normally,


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Physically remove the GT 1030. The overall performance of your system will be better, since as long as it is plugged in, the pci-express bandwidth is divided between them and the 1080 isn't being operated at full speed. Even if you don't use the 1030 at all.