crash on open

  1. D

    Crash on startup

    I've been looking online for a few days now for a fix for this crash, when I installed OBS after a while not using it, it crashes on startup. I've installed and uninstalled, I've deleted all files related to OBS and SLOBS(that I also uninstalled) on my PC and then reinstalled, I've updated...
  2. CallMe233

    Crash with Kernelbase.dll problem

    I update to 27.2.3. The crash problem occurs when I try to open the software. I tried some old versions and they still didn't work. This is the log for 27.2.2(32-bit) and 27.2.0(64-bit). Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated. Unhandled exception: e06d7363 Date/Time: 2022-03-10, 19:10:27...
  3. A

    OBS crashes at start-up after update (log file attached)

    I've updated OBS to the newest version, but it keeps crashing when I launch it (even in admin mode) Already tried the following things: Deleted StreamFX and other plugins Reinstalled OBS Updated NVIDIA drivers (clean reinstall) Updated other drivers and BIOS Not too familiar with reading log...
  4. T

    I updated my OBS to 27.2.1 now it wont load

    Can Someone please help I notice a lot of people are having issues with this last update. I updated my OBS to the 27.2.1 and it wont load and crashes on start up. If I Re install the old version it works fine. I'm just trying to get this fixed please help!!!!
  5. J

    Crash on startup - Unhandled exception: e06d7363

    Hey, I recently updated OBS to the latest version but cant even open it now. I uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted my PC but keep getting the same error/crash report. I am not very technical so I have no idea what im looking for but have included my log file and the crash report. Please...
  6. P

    OBS CRASHING when launching or sometimes when Alt+Tabing

    Hello everyone, Recently, I upgraded to the Win11 beta and started streaming without a single issue. But unfortunately, yesterday I couldn't even open OBS. I read the crash log and saw that "d3d11.dll" was causing the Crash. Then, I reinstalled DirectX and it worked.. Just for yesterday. I...
  7. InSinkProductions

    HELP Please! - Mac - High Sierra - Crashing on open

    In need of some help. I have a couple of scene profiles. The one I use the most is extremely loaded. I had some troubles with crashes on exit. I switched to the lesser used profile and then back again. Now suddenly it crashes on open. Was streaming every Friday. So I guess my stream is...