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    I can see any video capture devices and it crashes obs when i open properties

    I have tried every bit of trouble shooting i can... and no matter what i do all video sources show up black and when i try to go to properties to fix it, it only shows up as a white box then right to not responding then crashes and i dont know whats causing this i have tried everything from...
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    OBS wont record after the update

    After the OBS update, every time i try to stream or record using it, i get an error message telling me that it failed to open then NVENC codec. This is everything I have tried and yet i cannot get OBS to run. ive looked through a few forum posts here and still nothing has helped. Update...
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    Strange problem when recording Unity build

    Hi! I have a really weird problem with recording Unity build in OBS. The game runs in 16:9 aspect ratio and everything looks great during the gameplay. But on the recorded movie game's User Interface looks broken, buttons are in different positions etc. In the video it looks like the game was...
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    Please help :( VIDEO damaged

    Hi everyone, I accidentally closed my computer while recording important on-line meeting. I opened OBS studio back and the information about damaged filed appeared. Now in folder I have broken file and none of the on-line fix programms worked... :( Do you have any solution for that...
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    Recording in 4 second intervals

    Obs has worked fine for me for over a year now, but yesterday it started recording in 4-second intervals and making separate video files for every 4 seconds that it records.
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    Audio sometimes shattered for a second

    Hi! Since I have been using this program I had a problem with audio. The issue is it gets shattered for a fraction of second but totally noticeable, once every 2 minutes of record. Here I paste the link of the log of my last time using OBS: Many thanks!
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    Question / Help Game Capture wont work

    Hey, I try to record me play videogames and it won't work I add the game capture and put it on the specific window and set it to what I want and it shows the red border. and it is really small and it is just a red dot in the corner and i want it to fit the screen but i click on it to drag it and...
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    Bug Report Recording broken with new AMD drivers

    So I use OBS mainly for my tutoring lessons, whenever a lesson starts I start recording my desktop and capture it using my the AMD Hardware encoder with my Vega 64, that's been working great up until I've updated to the latest AMD Radeon drivers that was just released. It never start's...