broken obs

  1. electronicchris1

    OBS has all of a sudden stopped working...

    So on my Lenovo laptop, OBS has decided that it doesn't want to work. It did work last time but I don't know why this is happening. Reinstalling the whole OS doesn't work at all, uninstalling it doesn't work, trying old versions doesn't work either. The log file is attached
  2. R

    OBS won't start after sudo apt-get upgrade

    Hi, I was running a live stream in OBS and did a system upgrade, but when I tried to open OBS again, I got the "failed to initialize video gpu not supported linux" message. I tried the solution that I found online, running the command LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTARE=1 obs on the terminal, but it didn't...
  3. N

    Question / Help Browser Source is Not Using Color

    The Browser Source in The Image is the below image and a screenshot from the website shows what the color should look like. Please Advise
  4. ReperCode17

    Bug Report New OBS 25.0.4 has noisy, crackling audio on Windows 10? Oh yeah it's still crashing, when I delete any of the audio filters :(

    So I updated my OBS to the latest one today... I am sad to say all my previous audio setup is trashed! My stream was very noisy, lots of pops and crackles. I didn't not change anything from the previous setup. I am using an audio interface and I tried every possible combination of sample rate...
  5. T

    Question / Help All of my browser sources... WIPED! Where is my overlay?

    So I was woke up only to find a new update being pushed, installed it, then it BROKE my entire channel. The only thing that is working correctly are my Media Sources and they are laggy and broken, EVERY SINGLE browser source is BUSTED and nothing is loading. The ENTIRE stream is broken post...
  6. J

    Question / Help Fixed by self * My desktop audio only records a few times before stopping.

    Usually within just 1-3 records it will stop and not record another one. It will finish once it starts one. The desktop audio bar will go up green as if it's receiving audio, but when I listen or edit the clip there is none. This really messed me up when I recorded three long clips and only the...
  7. Mayravixx

    Question / Help [Manually Resolved] OBS Opens As A Giant Grey Screen on Openbox (Arch Linux)

    As the title states, the issue I'm dealing with is not one anyone else I know can help me with, which is why I've come here. As the title states, all OBS does when it opens is show up as a massive grey box. The photo I've attached below was taken just before I started setting up openbox so the...
  8. Z

    Question / Help I am actually fed up with this program.

    Ive set it right. Ive looked up countless guides and asked all my friends, But Im so fucking done with this program. Either ill be recording, everything will be fine, and OBS decides to break/corrupt the file to where it plays choppy and its useless. 2 hours of recording gone, this has happened...
  9. AuthEx

    Question / Help Unable to start stream, using AutoConfig-Wizard

    I am unable to start stream/recording, Nvidia/Windows drivers are up to date. Game Mode (and related settings) are disabled. x64 version. Logs below
  10. M

    Question / Help OBS won't boot up & Banned Email

    So my OBS won't boot up. When I click on it the window will open for a split second and then disappear, and then nothing else happens. After that, if i try to start it again or go to task manager, it says the software is already running. I tried to uninstall + reinstall to fix the problem, and...
  11. C

    Question / Help Please help me with some advice

    Hy guys i have a problem with my obs after 12 minutes or so of streaming or recording I notice a lot of lag in my video please help me