biterate drop

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    Bitrate drops to 0 in almost every game

    I finally decided to post here cuz I've tried everything, I dont know why obs does not let me stream any of the games I usually play (LoL, Apex, MC, etc) Please I really need help
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    Hello, i recently started experiencing problems while streaming (twitch) although i have not downloading anything to my pc, made changes in obs, or had any network changes happen. My upload speeds are about 100 down and 50 up which from the research i have done is more than enough to be able to...
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    Question / Help Unstable Bitrate

    Hey guys I'm having trouble with my bitrate uploading all over the place. I stream 3 days a week Sun-Tues around 5 pm CST and some days my upload stays solid and some days it can drop down to 0. Was wondering if its something in my obs settings, network, or just ISP throttling. I feel like I've...
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    Question / Help Bitrate drop while playing Rainbow Six Siege

    I just got a new PC currently has 8GB of ram, an Intel Xeon X3430 4 core CPU clocked at 2.40 GHz and an AMD Radeon R9 270 running Windows 10. When I am attempting to stream the game, everything will work fine on the main menus, settings menu and when queuing. When I go running either a benchmark...