bad audio

  1. M

    my desktop audio sounds bad but my mic is fine

    I want to record my gameplay but my desktop audio sounds bad I have tried a bunch of stuff but nothing helps
  2. D

    Bad sound while recording display capture, nothing at all helps!

    Hi, It would really mean a lot if someone could help me figure this out... I'm having sound problems while recording display capture. In this case, it's videos from a streaming website. Everything is fine with the video, but the sound is completely changed and sounds nothing at all like the...
  3. J

    Desktop audio sounds very "shallow", low quality. Please help find solution!

    Hello, my desktop audio sounds very "shallow", and I can't find a way to fix it. It sounds as though it's being processed a whole bunch of times, or like it's being recorded from a smartphone microphone. I've posted ages ago trying to find a way to solve it but there were no solutions that...
  4. N

    obs crackling and popping when recording,only when speaking.

    so ive been having pops and cracks when im tryng to record music tutorials in obs free, i have a apollow twin mkii solo audio interface into my computer pc windows 10 pro, evrythung is pretty up too date and i have tried so many YouTube video suggestions but no avail, it seems to be a Apollo...
  5. G

    Distorted Audio In OBS

    I am having audio issues in OBS. Nothing I do fixes this issue. I am recording on the hyperxquadcast microphone and I hear other people talk just fine. Nothing I do makes it sound any different. Here is an example of what my audio sounds like. I...
  6. R

    OBS Desktop Audio problem

    Hello i have an problem with my desktop audio in OBS it was always fine but a few days ago it started sounding weird. I haven't found anything on the internet and i haven't changed any settings in my obs. I attached 2 example zip files one with the old audio that was good and one with the bad one.
  7. J

    Terrible Recording Quality/Replay Buffer Inconsistency (HELP!)

    Hello, total OBS noob here. I am looking for an alternative to NVIDIA's Shadowplay, which has proven to be pretty unreliable at times, and generally lower quality. I've heard many good things about OBS, but despite looking into just about every corner I can find, I can't seem to get it to work...
  8. Hey_Mister_DJ

    Audio issues (Weird) in OBS streaming/recording

    When streaming or recording I'm getting a pitched down (Slow) fluctuating sound on my audio. Any help would be super appreciated as I'm suppose to DJ a virtual event this weekend! Log File is attached Example of issue here: (My voice is NOT that low! lol)...
  9. EverydayAden

    Question / Help OBS Recording Bad Audio?

    I'm having an issue with how OBS records audio. I noticed that, for some reason, OBS seems to record audio that is worse in quality than what I am hearing in my games while playing. It's a bit quieter and just seems to be far less exact than I think it should be. When I used something like...
  10. D

    Question / Help Poor Audio Quality

    Hi all, I am sorry I've tried so many things already and I am so tired... My aim it so stream live music on Facebook. PC: MSI GL73 8RE Mixer: Numark N4 Log File: Uploaded 3 mins on youtube: First I thought its RCA to 3.5...
  11. T

    Bug Report Bad audio (steel container sound) [FIX]

    I have now joined this forum only because I have found the solution to a problem that I have not found anywhere else yet. I am not a big user of OBS, but have used it a lot lately. When I was checking out a new recording, I discovered that the the audio was terrible. It sounded like it was...
  12. L

    Question / Help Audio sounds canney/tinny?

    Hey! I'm trying to set up OBS for streaming and recording. Video quality has been worked out, but my audio is giving me a hard time. An example of the audio: As you can probably hear it almost sounds kinda hollow, just really bad in general. How should I fix this...
  13. J

    Question / Help Bad audio - "bucket voice"

    Hello, just started to use the app to record gameplay. Very nice app. Only one problem tough, the audio of every in game voice sounds like they are talking with a bucket on their had. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks