avermedia gl310

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    OBS Will Not Capture iPad Display

    Hello friends, I'm at the end of my rope and I desperately need help. I feel like this should have been a simple one and done thing and maybe I'm overlooking something since I am new to streaming. I am trying to stream art from my iPad. I have the iPad connected to the lightning/hdmi cord and...
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    Question / Help OBS Black Screen PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I always wanted to stream and I finally came round to it. I have a dual pc setup with a Avermedia LGP Lite and OBS Studio/StreamElements however, I installed all the software for the LGP Lite(RECentral & Stream Engine as well as the Drivers&Firmware) and the gaming pc's screen does pop up...
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    Question / Help My Avermedia LGP Lite Stream Engine is recognized but as a black screen on my wii

    So yesterday i bought a Wii to HDMI adapter and i received it today, i plugged it to my wii and my avermedia and everything is okay, i see the screen on the RECentral software, the problem is that when i use Stream Engine and i start OBS, nothing is appearing. I tried to unplug my wii from the...
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    Question / Help Avermedia GL310 Blackscreen with no audio

    I've been using this capture card for about three weeks until last week it stopped working all together. I opened OBS and there was no video or sound of my XBox. I undid the cables, plugged them into the correct ports, tried a different USB. Nothing worked. It came out of nowhere too since there...