OBS Will Not Capture iPad Display


New Member
Hello friends, I'm at the end of my rope and I desperately need help. I feel like this should have been a simple one and done thing and maybe I'm overlooking something since I am new to streaming.

I am trying to stream art from my iPad. I have the iPad connected to the lightning/hdmi cord and then tried taking that to my capture card (avermedia gl310, which has proven to work with OBS with all my consoles on this pc), and then to my PC. OBS shows my capture card but it will not bring up the video AND I cannot click 'configure video' for whatever reason. 'Configure crossbar' works just fine.

I tried testing it out with the Avermedia RecCentral app and it shows my ipad screen in the preview, so I know it's receiving the data! BUT when I try and go live with that it says the content is copyright protected. So I got an HDMI splitter that strips HDCP to see if maybe that was the problem, but that didn't solve any of my problems.

I've googled and looked around and tried just about everything (reinstaling drivers, restarting everything, reinstalling OBS, unplugging and replugging everything in a fit of frustration) and I'm at a total loss. I see people streaming to OBS with the lightning/hdmi cable all the time and yet ??? It is a mystery. Any and all advice is treasured in this dire time. Thank you.