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  1. S

    Constant Game Audio, Even When Muted

    Basically as the title says. I have to listen to any games audio that i have on switch through my avermedia LGP2 card. I'm not sure how i messed up so badly, because it jsut started doing this a few days ago. I mute it, stream cannot hear it but I can. I've changed every setting I can think of...
  2. N

    How capture only game in stream pc

    how to capture only the game, via a capture map from awermedia gc573. if she is in stream pc ???
  3. M

    Streaming with AverMedia EZMaker 7 on Streamlabs OBS issues?

    Hi! I recently got the Avermedia EZMaker 7 so I can play Wii (No, not Wii U, and the reason why is cuz the games I want to play were not transported to Wii U) games. However I have run across some issues. First off, I was unable to get Streamlabs to recognize Avermedia until I downloaded the...
  4. B

    Faint audio coming through capture card

    I stream through OBS using a Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 and I play on Xbox One. I had all the audio fine, until last week I purchased a Power A Fusion Wired Controller. when I hooked everything up, my audio all of a sudden started coming through very faint. I can barely hear the game or...
  5. M

    Question / Help AVerVision 355AF zooming differences

    I have an absolutely ancient AVerVision 355AF document camera that my school let me take out at the beginning of quarantine. I've never really successfully got it working with my Windows 10 system, but I'm trying now. When I use the software that came with the device, I get a fairly reasonable...
  6. enipklacus

    Question / Help AVERMEDIA GC550 + OBS + SONY HANDYCAM

    Hello! I'll be brief and direct: my father bought an AverMedia GC550 (don't ask me why) to record his classes (he's an engineer) with a Sony Handycam of his. The Handycam has an HDMI Out for which it goes in the the GC550's HDMI IN. Making some sense out of it, I've done the basic protocol of...
  7. R

    Question / Help Capture card signal is "out of range"

    I have my AVerMedia Live gamer extreme capture card properly connected to my laptop, with the game coming from my PS4. When I add a new source and select video capture device and select my capture card, a notice pops up on the preview screan that says: \Signal out of range Please adjust your...