audio dropout

  1. R

    Audio Dropping for Macbook Pro 2020

    Hello Friends - I am new to this forum and hope it can help. I am running OBS on a new Macbook Pro with Catalina OS 10.15.6 2GHz quad core intel i5 with 16 GB Memory. I am running audio from AZDEN SGM 2x mic through Focusrite Itrack Solo USB Audio interface. I am streaming and/or uploading...
  2. D


    Please help, I have a 2015 15in MacBook Pro with an i.7 2.2ghz. My rodecaster caster pro audio is going in and out when I record myself in OBS. My audio isn't going in and out on the rodecaster pros monitor.
  3. S

    Question / Help HD60s crackling/dropping audio in OBS? (Mac using OBS Link)

    Hey everyone, I’ve started streaming using an Elgato HD60S with OBS on a Mac to stream from my Xbox One S, but I've been having persisitent issues with the gameplay audio dropping during the stream. It beings stuttering, then completely drops out, and keeps stuttering as it comes back it. The...
  4. B

    Question / Help M-audio Fasttrack Pro dropping out

    Hi, I am hoping to setup a live DJ mix stream but having problems getting high quality audio. I have a feeling it is the interaction between the M-audio fasttrack pro (FTP) and OBS. When monitoring sound directly from the FTP it is fine, but the stream and recordings have drop outs every few...
  5. Afgan Rasulov

    Question / Help OBS Studio Audio Drop Fix

    Hello streamers, I had a problem with Audio Drop on OBS studio. Download attached file to see audio drop example. Because it is more sensetive than OBS Classic sometimes Audio drops happening during record. I have found the solution. This happens because of CPU overload. Here is the solution...
  6. A

    Bug Report Browser source sound breaks mic input

    Hi there, can anyone help me figure out a sound issue? Basically, I have a mic connected through a Steinberg ur22mk11, and it cuts out completely after an alert notification sound is played (Streamlabs). If the alert has no sound, it does not affect the mic. If text-to-speech plays through a...
  7. A

    Question / Help Audio input Signal Drops intermittently

    Hi All, OBS studio's Audio input drops audio intermittently, only fix is to restart OBS. Does anyone have this issue where all of a sudden audio drops out? any solutions ? thanks in advance Configuration: Production PC Windows PC - i7 8700K, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1060 Grpahics card Streaming PC...
  8. T

    Question / Help Audio Dropouts

    I posted about this problem a few days ago, but I think my wording and lengthiness might have been unnecessary. Here it is in a nutshell: I get, on average, 1 short audio dropout per stream. These also appear on the local recording from OBS. They do NOT appear on the local audio recording...
  9. T

    Question / Help Audio Dropouts on local recordings / Youtube livestreams

    Hello. I am using a 2 computer set up to stream and record myself playing guitar and singing. I have been experiencing intermittent and irregularly spaced audio dropouts. The file in question is /Users/kirbango/Music/Timmy B/Livestreams/2018-10-08 and appears at the end of the...