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Hi there, can anyone help me figure out a sound issue? Basically, I have a mic connected through a Steinberg ur22mk11, and it cuts out completely after an alert notification sound is played (Streamlabs). If the alert has no sound, it does not affect the mic. If text-to-speech plays through a browser source (like a notification being read) it also breaks the mic, so just generally sound coming in through a browser source.

Already tried the basic Streamlabs troubleshooting.

In the log it says after playing a test alert with sound:

18:17:03.692: obs-browser: Uncaught (in promise) Something went wrong. (source: https://streamlabs.com/widgets/chat-box/v1/4FC8EA17F285B1310761:0)
18:17:04.044: obs-browser: Error parsing header X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block; report=https://www.google.com/appserve/security-bugs/log/youtube: insecure reporting URL for secure page at character position 22. The default protections will be applied. (source: https://www.youtube.com/embed/?auto...=1&origin=https://streamlabs.com&widgetid=1:0)
18:19:51.905: adding 21 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 64 milliseconds
18:21:47.838: [input_callback]:[device 'Steinberg UR22mkII '] audio retrieval failed: -50

The mic comes back only if I turn it off completely or restart OBS. The mic gives a signal even when it stops working in OBS (I can hear it through DAW) I'm also using Loopback to capture desktop audio (seems to be unaffected completely) and I am on a Mac with the latest OS.

OBS is fully updated


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Further tests - managed to figure out a workaround, but it is inconvenient.

A sound playing through the Alertbox from Streamlabs kills the audio signal from the audio interface (UR22MKII with a boom mic). However, if during one session I delete the audio source from OBS, and then re-add it, and then send a sound to the Alertbox from Streamlabs, it does not drop the sound signal from the audio interface.

I have attached the logs.

Link to video demonstrating the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brcmzGPq7CU

Edit: Further tests have demonstrated that it isn't just the Alertbox from Streamlabs. I opened up Logic X and it too killed the Audio Interface which was resolved with the above workaround. It seems that any new audio signal will drop out the signal from the audio interface.


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