1. S

    OBS track mattes but not in transitions?

    Hi. So I'm trying to achieve something in OBS that feels like it should be straight forward, but despite trawling YouTube for how-tos and fiddling with blending modes and the Advanced Mask and Dynamic Mask filters I have a tiny walnut brain and can't figure out how to do it. I already have a...
  2. K

    How To Play Multiple Videos With Alpha' One After Another?

    Currently I have ONE video that's just a music visualizer that goes over my 'BRB Overlay' I want to add more song and have them be on screen visually. Note: I also have to 'output and monitor' the video so I know when the song ends as I mute desktop audio so it doesn't get an echo. So...
  3. M

    Question / Help Use b\w or alpha video (not image) to combine two another videos

    I know you can use image as mask. But I would like to use animation as mask. And I don't know how to set this up with current tool set. Do I miss something? I have this video, I can have it b\w or white + alpha I want so black was mediaA and white was mediaB Like here but animated mask
  4. donnaken15

    Using a (Window/Game/Display) Capture as an Image Mask for Other Sources?

    So, say you have a game with this type of overlay with the background meaning to be transparent: (just as an example) and the game or whatever program maybe also projects a screen that looks like this: and this grayscale+alpha output can act as an alpha mask for the first output, so the...
  5. A

    Question / Help png alpha channel not working

    Hey, I made an overlay for a stream I mod for on twitch. My issue is that the alpha channel works fine on my obs: however on his obs the transparent sections are completely white. We are both running the same obs version. Are there any settings in obs that could be causing the alpha channel in...
  6. T

    Question / Help Color's Alpha in the Color Correction filter doesn't work for me

    Hi, I'm trying to apply a color in the Color Correction filter on a Capture Device source, however, changing the alpha when choosing the color doesn't do anything ; I can put the alpha to 50 for example, click Ok, but for some reason, even though the color change applied, the alpha is still...
  7. K

    Question / Help Stream for captured desktop over HDMI to external source

    Hello Guys, I googled so much but I did not find any solution. I created a app with C# WPF. It is creating UI from a dashboard. Dashboard is in first window, UI is second window. I'm capturing UI window and apply Chroma Key for green background. I am using Projector mode of OBS for HDMI...