YT2txt -  now playing YT song-> .txt file->OBS Songoverlay

Free YT2txt - now playing YT song-> .txt file->OBS Songoverlay 0.4.3


Gets current playing yt video from browser extension and writes title and creator to a .txt file

The target of the tool is to get everything simple and high performant!

Installation Toturial:

0) Download frome Releases here:

  1. Unpack the extension into an folder, go to your chrome extensions page, enable developer mode -> load from folder (find more help: google: How to install Chrome extensions manually) You may need to reload your YT page after installing the extension!
  2. download and move the YTNP2.exe to your desired folder, run it, it will create the 2 files: video_title.txt and video_creator.txt in the same folder as the .exe! You now can open them in OBS as text source or in any desired program!
  3. The program has to be running for the .txt s to update.
  4. Now you can inport the .txt as text source in OBS!

I am the creator of the tool, - if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me here.
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