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    Free YT2txt - now playing YT song-> .txt file->OBS Songoverlay 0.4.3

    YT2txt Gets current playing yt video from browser extension and writes title and creator to a .txt file The target of the tool is to get everything simple and high performant! Installation Toturial: Usage: 0) Download frome Releases here...
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    Free JASTG - Just Another Song Title Grabber

    For more information on JASTG, read the GitLab repository. This provides more in-depth detail about the program and even has fixes to common errors. It is recommended to view the repository on GitLab so you can download the latest release of JASTG. JASTG or Just Another Song Title Grabber is a...
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    OBS Python Spotify Song Title v1.0

    Hey I've written a github repo, which will help out anyone that wants to display the currently playing songs name & artist in OBS! It's super easy to use; you won't need to try to set up any APIs