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Free Universal Scoreboard - Windows Only 2.0

The application has one control window and one viewing window. In the streaming application you just create an overlay and capture the viewing window and you are good to go. The viewing window is managed by the control window or by setting up keyboard shortcuts.

In the control window you can set the name of the teams, add a logo beside the team name, change the score, start/stop the clock (count upwards or backwards), change period. I would say that it would fit sports like Bandy, Football/Soccer, Floorball, Handball, Hockey, Futsal and so on..We borrowed much of the layout from the older Scoreboard+ as it is easy to understand.

There is no function to view additional time that is added to a game (just let the clock run), it has no function to show penalty time in the current version. As for now the period is only shown in english format.

I provide this as freeware and “as is” I own the source code and if you want to add functionality to it and adjust anything I can set you in contact with the developer.

To update score, period, Team name and logo after a change have been made click on the "Update Teams" button
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Latest updates

  1. Release of version 2.0

    New in this version is Option to create and save different layouts of the viewing window Space...
  2. Finaly here is an updated version with some fixes and more functions

    Now it's here - Version 1.1 **** Uninstall the old version before installing this version ****...

Latest reviews

Einfach zu bedienen und läuft völlig stabil. Für viele Sportarten schnell einsetzbar. Logo Einbindung der Vereine klappt bestens. Wenn die Hintergrundfarbe der einzelnen Felder noch anpassbar wäre wurde ich sofort 5 Sterne vergeben. Leider kann man die Startzeit der Uhr (z.B. 45 Minuten-Fußball ) nicht direkt eingeben, das wäre noch ein Wunsch für die Zukunft.
Tolle Anwendung und ein dickes Lob an den Entwickler für die Mühe und das tolle Styling. Bin sehr auf die weitere Entwicklung gespannt.
Thank you for your feedback. Is it presets you are looking for in the clock? Please reply in english by using the button "request additional feature" in the software
Semplice e ben fatto!
Vorrei utilizzarlo durante la diretta di una partita di pallavolo.
E' possibile escludere e quindi non visualizzare il timer che nella pallavolo non viene utilizzato?
Thank you for your feedback. As it is now it is not possible, I will add the request for future updates
Easy to use and effective! :)
Some improvements for the next release:
-optional auto-update score/quarter
-time: also seconds (field hockey quarter = 17,5 minute)
-colour options for teams, score and time
Thank you for your feedback, now it´s there in the updated version