I wrote this script with large influence from Visibility Timer, I wanted a script that would let me select a scene from a list of scenes, enumerate the sources in that scene then select the proper source. This methodology allows the script to hide or show the source within that scene only, which permits the Hide/Show transitions to function properly.

  1. Choose the target Scene from the dropdown list
  2. Once the Scene has been selected, the Source list will populate, choose the desired Source
    • Once a Source has been selected, the dropdown will be replaced by a disabled text field.
      If you need to choose a different source, or need to update the sources list, click the Refresh button.
  3. Set the value for Delay after activating [Note: This is the amount of time (in milliseconds) after the scene is enabled to start the toggle]
  4. Set the value for Duration to Show [This is the amount of time in milliseconds the source is visible]
  5. Set the value for Duration to Hide [This is the amount of time in milliseconds the source is hidden]
  6. Set the value for Number of times to Repeat [A value of 0 is infinite, Max is 100]
  7. If using repeat settings
    1. Check whether or not the repeat cycle should be reset after a set amount of time elapses
      If this is unchecked, the cycle will not restart until the Scene is disabled/enabled or OBS is relaunched
    2. Set the Maximum Duration to wait after the last cycle has finished to reset the repeat counter
  8. Check whether source should be visible when scene becomes enabled (or at OBS Launch)

  1. Add the ability to override the Source Transition effects and timing
  2. Add support for multiple Scene + Source combinations
  3. Potentially port all of the code to a filter, which can be applied directly to the source you want to control.
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