toggle scene items

  1. BillyJBryant

    OBS Lua Toggle Scene Source 0.0.2

    Details I wrote this script with large influence from Visibility Timer, I wanted a script that would let me select a scene from a list of scenes, enumerate the sources in that scene then select the proper source. This methodology allows the script to hide or show the source within that scene...
  2. dylarm

    OBS Python Recording Indicator v0.0.2b

    After specifying a source (image, text, anything), that source will then be toggled visible or invisible when recording has started or stopped. Currently, the source must be manually added/placed in each scene you want it in, and this script will toggle the visibility of that source in all...
  3. H

    Pixel Match Switcher 0.31.8-alpha

    Pixel Match Switcher Pixel Match Switcher can trigger switching scenes, changing visibility of scene items and filters, and other actions in response to pixels of video being matched against image templates. Considerable amount of options is available for customizing the matching rules and the...