text-pango: multi-language and emoji

text-pango: multi-language and emoji v0.4.1

This patch increases the render limits introduced 0.4 to prevent blank displays when rendering text that is too long or too wide. If you experience truncated text sources with v0.4 try this version. Otherwise its exactly the same as v0.4.
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Lots of fixes this patch.
  • Update Mac libraries so loading as fast as Windows and Linux
  • This update also brings Emojis to Mac!
  • Select a specific font file to use without needing to install it.
  • Default to system font configuration and fallback to config packaged with the plugin
  • Fix selection of the font backend (prevented compilation on Linux/Mac)
  • Prevent performance degradation for some very specific edge cases.
  • Way faster rendering of large amounts of text
  • Way less memory usage large amounts of text
  • Better error messages
  • Remove some debugging logging that was left in
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v0.3.1 Hotfix for crashes and Fix macOS build
This is a hotfix for crashes on reading empty files and for the mac version not working after the 0.3 release.

I have totally redone the release process for Mac's so now its as streamlined and easy as the windows side. This should prevent build mishaps like this time from occurring again and let me release Mac builds/patches as quickly as I can for windows.

I really hope this wasnt sending out emails. But i had to fix the url being wrong with this update...
- Properly reads the entire file when not in chatlog mode.
- Text file encoding auto-detection, and settings for non utf-8/16 files.
- Set language for language specific glyphs
- Fixes for emoji shadows
- Slightly modified gradients should show more of the 2nd color in most languages