Tally Light Software

Free Tally Light Software version 1.3

Many updates have been done since I last posted here about Version 1.3. You can find all the details at the Github link or at www.tallyarbiter.com

Some of the highlights of 1.4 and 1.5:
  • New interface built with Bootstrap
  • Improved support for Blackmagic ATEM
  • The GUI has been revamped with all internal socket.io calls. The REST API still exists, but this will be more streamlined.
  • A Generic TCP Device Action has been added: Now you can send a custom TCP string or command to another network location whenever a camera enters or exits Program on your switcher, for example.
  • VMix Tally Protocol Emulation: If you’ve got a favorite tally client designed specifically for VMix, now you can use it with Tally Arbiter! It’s very simple – Tally Arbiter represents itself as a VMix source. You can even use the emulated VMix connection from Tally Arbiter as a source in another Tally Arbiter install! (Not sure why, but, you can!)
  • Devices can now have multiple addresses assigned from a single source. This helps if you really consider one Camera to be “on-air” whenever it’s used on Input 1 or Input 5 from the same source, for example.
  • Device Sources can now be linked on either the Preview Bus, the Program Bus, or both. This means that your Camera won’t be considered to be in Program unless it is in Program on ALL assigned sources. This is helpful for cases where you may have nested switchers.
  • Preview + Program mode added to the OSC Source Type
  • Some Device Source Addresses can now be chosen via a drop down list instead of manually typed in
  • Blackmagic VideoHub (all models) added as a tally source. You can choose which destinations are considered “on-air” destinations for both the Preview and Program bus.
  • The Companion client now supports reassigning of tally listener clients as a button press. This is useful if you want to have a tally light at a shader station; you can press a button on your stream deck to route a camera to your shader monitor and simultaneously reassign the tally light at the shader monitor to that camera, and now you know if that camera is on-air as you shade it!
  • A “Test Mode” has been added that cycles through tally states to test all tally outputs. Very helpful when you’re not actively in a show but want to verify everything is working!
  • Support for Roland VR-50HD-MKII as a tally source
  • The Producer page can now send messages to supported tally clients like the Web tally and M5StickC. Don’t have an intercom system? Use the chat to tell your camera op to zoom in!
  • The M5StickC Plus is now officially supported. And M5Stick clients will now retain their last used Device when they reboot or reconnect.
  • The M5 Atom Matrix is now also supported.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements
This version supports sending tally data to a cloud server, feedback/control with Bitfocus Companion, and a new tally output type. Read more here: https://techministry.blog/2020/08/1...deck-and-tally-output-on-an-m5stickc-arduino/