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It's time to big changes (mostly internally, but related to a vital functionality of the Streamizer)! Some time has passed since my last update. I haven't forgot Streamizer, I just hadn't enough time to do some important changes I want to, before updating the app again.

Check the list of updates above:
  • New Twitch Chat System: Some crashes happened because of the old IRC chat component. We are using now a more stable, complete component who works with both chat and whisper systems from Twitch. Now, chat command responses targeted to a specific user will be sent via whisper chat instead of the channel chat (P.S.: Twitch doesn't allow that you send whispers to yourself, so you will not receive the messages targeted to you using the commands in your own chat);
  • YouTube Player with Playlist Chat: In the previous versions of the Streamizer, only Youtube's Local Playlist was available. Now the stream viewers can suggest your own videos to play using !songrequest command (P.S.: You can put the full YouTube link, part of the link or the embed only. The link is treated by the application internally);
  • Bug Fixes: Many bugs has been fixed since the last version. Keep me informed via email if you find any bugs;
You can still PM me, e-mail me, tweet me or even reply to the discussion post (of this tool) if you have any question, problem or suggestion regards the Streamizer. :)
I got various bug reports sent by the program after some crashes, so I could fix many bugs that happened in the last couple of days. Despite the actual bug reporter helped me a lot in the last month, I noticed some lack of info in the reports sent, so I've changed the bug report system to a better one.

Check the list of updates above:
  • Bug Fixes: I've received a LOT of bug reports from you guys, and they helped me to identify and fix many bugs that you found. Thanks to you all;
  • Stream Status/View Count: By default to view the stream status or view the viewers count, you must check the "General" tab. Now the stream status AND the viewers count (when stream is online) appears at the bottom of the program, at the left side of the progress bar;
  • Manual IRC Chat Connection: In the previous version, the program always connected the user to the IRC chat to use the bot functionality directly, but this was causing crashes sometimes for some users. Now if you want to use the IRC Chat/Bot functionality, you need to go to the "Chat Bot" tab and press "Connect Bot". You can deactivate too if you press "Disconnect Bot" when connected;
  • New Bug Report System: Because of lack of information in the bug reports I'm receiving, I felt a need to change the bug report system. With that in mind I decided to set up BugSplat, a well-known bug reporter system, commonly used by big companies like Riot Games, Tripwire Interactive, SketchUp, etc;
You can still PM me, e-mail me, tweet me or even reply to the discussion post (of this tool) if you have any question, problem or suggestion regards the Streamizer. :)
Okay, so this is a really simple emergency update. I got some reports from you (users) and some crashes reported via e-mail, and I took some time to fix this quickly.

Check the list of updates above:
  • Bug Fixes: I got some crash exceptions reported for me by e-mail, so I just took care of them to reduce the number of crashes;
  • New Filehosting: Some users reported that they can't download Streamizer. I've changed the download URL for new users AND existing users (via auto-update), so automatically you all will download from the same new server;
  • Single Instance Only: Some of the crashes reported occurred because more than one instance of the Streamizer was opened. I limited to a single instance to fix this issue (I mean, there is no need to have more than one Streamizer opened for now);
  • Verifying available local ports before start: Another detected issue was related to the local port 23500. The Streamizer listens to the port 23500 to connect with Twitch and manage YouTube playlists. If any application listen to port 23500 too (even a second Streamizer instance) the program could crash. Now a warning will prevent to start the program if the port isn't open;
You can still PM me, e-mail me, tweet me or even reply to the discussion post (of this tool) if you have any question, problem or suggestion regards the Streamizer. :)
And now you can use Português and English languages in Streamizer. After opening the program, go to the Options menu and click in the flag to change the language. (You will need to restart the program to make the changes work)

Of course, this isn't the only update in Streamizer. Check the list of updates above:
  • Code Improvements: Some components have been updated to the last version and some codes have been optimized to reduce crashes;
  • Multi-language support: Now Streamizer have support for multiple languages, starting with Português and English;
  • Unobstrusive Bug Reporter: If some crash occurs while using the Streamizer, the crash report will send me details about this crash automatically next time the program opens. This will help me to identify bugs and reduce the number of possible crashes;