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Free Streamizer for Twitch

Are you tired of have using different tools (TwitchAlerts, Moobot, Nightbot, Twitch Chat, Music Manager, etc), needing to have lots of browser tabs or different programs opened simultaneously? Streamizer may will help you.

This tool was made primarily to break those walls and offer to the user a single dashboard to manage everything.

  • Manage your stream info: You can see/change in real-time your stream title, game played, get your stream key;
  • Manage music via Spotify or YouTube: You can make your own playlist or even use the !songrequest (Chat Bot must be enabled) to play YouTube videos to your stream and save the name of the music to a file (to be readed by OBS, for example). If you have Spotify installed on your PC, you can also save the name of the music playing to a file;
  • Followers: See who was your last followers and when they start to follow you. You can also save to a file the last 5 followers, only the last follower and even a "follower goal" meter;
  • Subscribers: Same as the followers;
  • Chat Bot: This is a functionality who is still WIP. She connects you to your Twitch Chat (via IRC) and monitors all the received messages, show a Windows Notification if someone mentions you (only if you check the option) and you can even set custom response messages to your stream (via !commands);
  • Access to different tools via unique dashboard: Use your favorite tools (TwitchAlerts, Moobot, Nightbot and Twitch Chat) using only one interface;
  • Auto-update: Streamizer works as a ClickOnce application. Whenever a new update comes online, when you start your application, she will look for updates and will download them automatically.
- Windows Vista or better
- .NET Framework 4.5 installed

Just download the setup.exe and open the file. On Windows 8+ you will be prompted with a Windows SmartScreen window. Click in "More information" text and press the "Run anyway" button. The app will be downloaded to your PC.

Download / Images / More information:
All information/images about this application can be found in my personal page here.

Problems? Suggestions?
Feel free to contact me via PM, e-mail or even Twitter if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. I'll listen to you all to make this tool even better.

Existing users will download the next updates automatically when the program starts.
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