Stream Overlay Studio

Free Stream Overlay Studio 0.7.0

Manage your streaming overlay on your tablet, smartphone, PC or all simultaneously and use your overlay with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Notice: This is an early access version.

Currently only Twitch is supported and for donations TwitchAlerts.

You need HTML, CSS and a little bit JavaScript knowledge to create your own Template. The download contains an example template.

June 24, 2016 - Website Update: Website is now available in english
October 18, 2016 - Update 0.6.0: Bug fixes and new features
May 07, 2017 - Update 0.7.0: Bug fixes and new features


  • download the archiv from the website
  • unzip the content
  • Not Windows?
    • download the project files and unzip it
    • visit the NodeJs page, download the binary (v6.x.x LTS) for your operating system and copy the file in the StreamOverlayStudio folder.

Starting Stream Overlay Studio
  • start the background service on your Streaming-PC
    • Windows: with StreamOverlayStudio.exe
    • Other OS: command >node app
  • allow the StreamOverlayStudio.exe in your firewall
  • open your browser and type one of the URLs from the open window (for example, http://localhost:8008)
  • run the installation steps
  • now activate your plugins and press on "Restart Background Service"
  • do you need donation notifications? Go to plugins and activate a "Donation Provider" plugin, restart the background service and connect with the provider at the "Donation" plugin

Use in OBS

For Template Designer
Visit the documentation

Thanks to

Later you can find the sources on GitHub and you can create your own plugins.
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Latest updates

  1. Update v0.7.0

    The version 0.7.0 is finished, there are some bug fixes, internal changes and a few new...
  2. Update v0.6.0

    The version 0.6.0 is finished, there are some bug fixes and a few new features. Studio: better...

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This plugin is excellent but there is no support for YouTube that would be good if you put it