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_Tobias_ submitted a new resource:

Stream Overlay Studio - Manage your HTML overlay with your smartphone, tablet or pc.

Manage your streaming overlay on your tablet, smartphone, PC or all simultaneously and use your overlay with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Notice: This is an early access version.

Currently only Twitch is supported and for donations TwitchAlerts.


  • download the archiv from the website
  • default language is german, for english language download also the

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_Tobias_ updated Stream Overlay Studio with a new update entry:

Update v0.6.0

The version 0.6.0 is finished, there are some bug fixes and a few new features.

  • Studio: better installation
  • Studio: Password for remote access, access from the Internet is only possible with password
  • Studio: Password for studio access if you are not alone in the network
  • Studio: Automatic submenu for administration and studio if you have a lot of plugins activated
  • Studio: Option for HTTPs (a self-signed certificate is used)
  • Studio: Option to display notification in...

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Looks great, glad to see someone else is using websockets to control their overlays.
Just as a quick note, you don't have to include all the node_modules in your zip for future reference, a node install should take care of downloading those if your package.json is set up.


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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have considered to outsource the modules first, but the destination for my project was to create a ready to use package without to install npm or to run extra commands to use it.


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Hey Darkness_demoN,

sorry for the late response, I didn't know that I must activate the email notification for my watched threads. ^^'

Sure, if you have nice ideas post them in here, I will see if I add them to the tool.


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_Tobias_ updated Stream Overlay Studio with a new update entry:

Update v0.7.0

The version 0.7.0 is finished, there are some bug fixes, internal changes and a few new features.

  • Studio: Update to new Twitch API, reconnect is necessary!
  • Studio: Skin can now be adjusted with three themes: light, dark and one for night
  • Studio: You can create your own menu items, hide unneeded ones and sort the plugins at your own discretion
  • Plugin: Dynamic Text Insertion (lower third)
  • Plugin: Remote-Webcam, now supports audio
  • Plugin: Chat Bot, simple commands and...

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